Heco Direkt Einklang - Kronos AV Review

Heco Direkt Einklang - Kronos AV Review

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Heco as a brand, Heco is a German loudspeaker manufacturer, who have been producing products since 1949! 

In Heco's own words, they are dedicated to developing uncompromising high-quality reproduction of music in a home environment. 

Heco produces a large range of speakers, but its the Elementa series and Direkt series are coming through as front-runners in the UK! 

In this review we are focusing on the Heco Direkt Einklang, the latest addition to come from Heco and fit in just below the extraordinary Heco Direkt's! So they have a lot to live up too!!! 

So straight out of the box, the Heco Einklang Direkt's are very similarly styled to their older brother, the Dirkets, however, are noticeably smaller, a little less wide, and not as tall! The styling will not be everybody's cup of tea, but for us, we love the retro vibe that Heco have implemented here, both in white or black, they certainly are a statement! 

 As with the Direkt speakers, the Einklangs are built to a superb quality! no join marks, perfectly finished, the rounded corners are smooth and precise and you can get a feel for the true craftsmanship & design that has gone into the construction. 

OK, so now the bit you really want to hear about... the sound! 

For this, we coupled it with Pure Sounds A30 Integrated amplifier, as the Heco's are not hard to drive at all, with a sensitivity of 94db into 4-8 ohms. 

Sonically the Heco Einklang is very similar to the larger Direkt model. Heco has cleverly used a dual concentric driver to save space and therefore reduce the cabinet size from its larger sibling.

I think the best way to describe the sound is organic, it is a very musical speaker, open without sounding bright and with excellent bass thanks to its twin ported design.

It images well especially for a wide speaker and because of its design, it can be used close to rear and side walls which means it will work in almost any room.

The bass unit is a paper cone which means that the bass is very fast and controlled. many people think a paper cone is inexpensive and not as good as more exotic materials however this is not the case. Paper cones are handmade and are very expensive to manufacture and perform better than almost anything else. The tweeter is also very good.

Heco designed this driver especially for this speaker and this shows in the way the speaker sounds.

It does not go as low in the bass as its bigger brother and is not quite as open at the high frequencies but it offers exceptional valve for money sonically. It is also almost £1000 cheaper than the Heco Direkt.

This is one of my favourite speakers in the sub £2,000 category (RRP £1850). Ideally I would use it with a valve amplifier like the PureSound A10 (£729) or the A30 (£1598) but it will work with solid state amps as well.  Pro-Ject Box series, Rega and Advance Acoustics are all excellent and start from under £500.

 Product link: https://www.kronosav.com/products/heco-direkt-einklang-floorstanding-speakers

Test System: 

Speakers: Heco Direkt Einklang

Amplifier: Pure Sound A30 Integrated

Source: Advance Acoustic X-CD5 CD Player

Speaker Cables: Vertere D-Fi Speaker Cable

Interconnect: Atlas Hyper Interconnect Cable 

Mains: Titan Audio Styx Mains Block, with Tyco (into wall), Titan Audio Elektra (into amp), Titan Audio Tyco (into CD Player) 

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