Headphone Streaming At Its Best - EarMen Stack Wins EISA Award

Headphone Streaming At Its Best - EarMen Stack Wins EISA Award

Combining three highly capable products, EarMen have developed a bundle product pipped as the ultimate nexus of headphone amplification and streaming technology.

From The Very Top Of The Stack

The befittingly named 'Stack' from EarMen comprises a slimline streamer, fully balanced DAC and an amplifier capable of powering almost any headphone users may care to throw at it. 


Furnished with both optical and coaxial digital outputs, Staccato offers support for major streaming services including Spotify and TIDAL along with Bluetooth and USB external audio capabilities. Staccato can be fully controlled via EarMen’s ’Stream’ app available for both iOS and Android devices.


Tradutto offers incredible DA performance powered by its ES9038Q2M DAC chip offering up to 32 bit / 68kHz of DSD512 playback. MQA and MQA Studio formats are also catered for, as well as Qualcomm 5.1 HD Bluetooth for longer playback with lower consumption. The Tradutto is fully balanced throughout.


Continuing the Tradutto’s trend, CH-Amp features fully balanced architecture and delivers ultra-low THD and SNR power up to a mighty 3.8 watts, making it a formidable match for even the most demanding headphone models. Every CH-Amp ships with an ultra low-noise linear power supply which can also be used to power the other siblings of the EarMen Stack simultaneously without the need for multiple chords.

An EISA Winner 2022-2023

In a very short time EarMen’s Stack has also gained global notoriety from the EISA Awards, landing the title of Best Headphone System 2022-2023.

 By offering a ‘stack’ of four discrete units in finely crafted aluminium housings and each dedicated to their particular role, EarMen has created a brilliant standalone solution for headphone lovers to stream. Each EarMen component can be used separately, but it’s when they’re put together and powered by the triple-output power supply unit bundled with the CH-Amp that you get a high-performance system that really shines.

Check out the full text on EISA’s official award page.

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