David reviews the Prima Luna Evo100 DAC

David reviews the Prima Luna Evo100 DAC

Prima Luna are a well known valve amplifier manufacturer from Italy however not many people are aware they also make a Valve DAC.


The Evo 100 is quite unique in that it is one of the very few valve DAC’s available on the market and that many people will love it for its ability to make digital music sound more like analogue and therefore more musical.


In a world where digital sources, particularly streaming, are a very tempting way to listen to music many audio enthusiasts feel that digital, even High Resolution digital,  music is too analytical and does not have the musicality of analogue sources.  Using a valve DAC with digital music helps to create a warmer more natural sound.


The Evo 100 does not compromise sound quality against solid state alternatives. The Prima Luna unit received an Outstanding Product recommendation in Hi Fi News by well respected reviewer Ken Kessler. In the review Kessler stated that the Evo 100 was undeniably musical and he was staggered by its performance and described it as an irresistible bargain.


At just under £3,000 this is a very serious DAC, it is certainly from my experience one of the best DAC’s around at its price point and does certainly offer a warmer sound from any digital source whether its a CD transport, hard drive digital server or a digital streamer. Especially for all the analogue lovers this DAC gives you a much more musical sound and allows digital sources to sound more natural and musical.


Overall this is a really stunning product from Prima Luna. Like all their amplifiers it sounds as good as it looks and it looks fantastic.

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