Celebrating 25 Years of Kronos AV!!

Celebrating 25 Years of Kronos AV!!

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Kronos, and what a journey it has been! Many things have changed throughout the years, however, one thing never changed, and that's our love of High-End Audio. 


Many of our customers will remember when we first opened in a small store in Dungannon, and now in 2017 we are so proud to say we have a recently updated larger store in N.Ireland, a new store in West Sussex, and a huge online presence as one of the UK's best online HiFi and Home Cinema Specialists. Over the past 25 years, Kronos AV has helped customers bring their system to the next level with our years of experience & knowledge.

Over the years Kronos has become known for helping customers in any way we can. Helping customers to set up & service turntables, set up HiFi System, help with room correction and so much more. Here at Kronos, we believe that there is a lot more to this business than just moving products to customers. It's more personal than that, and there is no point offering products to customers that simply will not work with their system, so we like to offer that personal touch and advice to allow customers to get the most for their money.   


To celebrate our anniversary, we are offering a unique promotion, offering 25% off 25 products for 25 days! This scheme is very similar to our hugely popular scrappage scheme, but with a little twist. We have selected 25 of our best selling products, and if you trade in ANYTHING, YES ANYTHING and you will get 25% off your purchase. All you have to do is send us your trade in (which can be anything HiFi or Home Cinema related, working or broken, from any brand) and as soon as it arrives we will send out your new item. It's that simple!    


A list of FAQ's can be found here   


Every week until the 25th August we will be adding 25 new items to the scheme, so you are sure to find something that peaks your interest ;)

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