Cabasse release "Devaliet Competitor"

Cabasse release "Devaliet Competitor"

Devialet took the HiFi world by storm by releasing an "all in one" solution with HiFi sound, all bundled into a small and compact sphere shaped box. From then, Devialet has gone from strength to strength by releasing more models and accessories into their very popular range, without any competition..... Until Now! 

French manufacturer Cabasse is well known across the world, arguably best known for their work with sphere-shaped speakers. So it may then come as no surprise that they have now launched "The Pearl", a sphere shaped, all in one Devialet competitor that just might shake up this market. 

Priced at £2,599.00, around the same price as a Devialet Gold Phantom, Cabasse is throwing their hats into the ring, with this compact and impressive, all in one option. 


If you want to learn more about the Pearl: Click Here

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