Boressen X3 Speaker Review - David's thoughts on the new X3 Model

Boressen X3 Speaker Review - David's thoughts on the new X3 Model

 By David Campbell - Kronos AV Managing Director

People often talk about the technologies and innovation that "trickles" down from manufacturers. A prime example of this is Formula 1 technology trickling down to the cars we drive today and for me thats quite amazing that we can benefit from that cutting edge technology in our every day lives. To think we are using something driving to the shops that an F1 driver was developing on a race track is quite special. 

I think the Borresen X3 loudspeakers from Audio Group Denmark are the very epitome of this. What you are seeing in the X3 from Borresen is an incorporation of much of the technology and ideology's from their reference range (which are priced around £500,000) in a speaker that is priced at £10,000. This is the speaker we never thought we would see, but it is here!

Not only does it incorporate much of the technology of its expensive siblings but in my opinion, it looks as good too. First of all the X3 costs £9,999 and while thats not exactly entry level its also attainable for many people especially with Interest Free Credit up to 36 months available, meaning you can own this speaker for as little as £86.06/month. In regards to the looks, I have to say that virtually every customer who has seen and heard the speakers in store has guessed their price at £20,000 or above. Maybe thats because of the sleek design and use of carbon fibre in the cabinet and drive units but the X3 looks like a reference product. All of this satisfaction is before you even sit down for a listen, and thats when the magic really happens! 

In short, this is simply an incredible speaker sonically, so the blend of looks and sound is all too rare to see these days. 

The X3 is quite a tall speaker, its not overly wide and tapers down to almost a point at the rear, so it has a really "yacht" like styling. Regarding its configuration, it is a three way design with an AMT Ribbon tweeter and matching carbon fibre midrange and bass units. It can sit fairly close to the back wall with no issues and the bass is lean and very fast. The speaker is dynamic and while on paper it's fairly sensitive it does like to be driven so works best with reasonably high power integrated or power amplifiers. Most people buying a speaker at this price will already have a comparable amplifier but in my opinion it’s not the speaker for a low powered valve amplifier. 

I think you will need a medium to large room to really get the best from these speakers, as I think they will struggle in smaller rooms to get the full potential out of them. In a medium to large room however, you are looking at one of the best speakers on the market!

Is it perfect, probably not. But then what is? In saying that is this as close to perfection as you can expect, I have to say the answer in my book is YES! I have heard A LOT of speakers at around this £10k price point, and its a competitive market, but this is something special. I read a review recently on these speakers, and the reviewers final words were, I think this will have a lot of competitors very concerned, and I can understand where he is coming from. 

If you asked me why these are so special, I don't think I could give you a pinpoint answer, I would simply let you sit down and have a listen, because then you will understand.  Music is all about the emotion and feeling, and I think too often we get too caught up in what speakers are doing rather than how they make us feel. 

All I can say is every time I walk into the room, I see them and it puts a smile on my face, and more importantly when I sit down to listen to them, I fall in love with music again, and it reminds me of why I love HiFi so much. 

There are any number of good products out there, but there are few that can move your soul. The Boressen X3 are one of those speakers that can do that, and that is something that cannot be taken for granted. 

I strongly urge you to come in and listen to this extraordinary speaker, however be warned most people who have been in the market for a new speaker and have heard it have already ordered a pair. So I’m not the only one who thinks the Borresen X3 are something very special indeed.

Footnote. For those people who are after something bigger and better than the X3 the company has also just launched the X6. We understand more models are to follow in the X range and don’t forget there are the more expensive Z and M ranges from Borresen so there is something for everyone.

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