Axxess announce new Speakers, Cables and Isoaltion Products

Axxess announce new Speakers, Cables and Isoaltion Products

Axxess, part of Audio Group Denmark, has recently announced the launch of their new line of Speakers, Cables, and Isolation Products. These cutting-edge products are designed to provide high-quality sound and enhance the overall audio experience for customers.

Axxess was initially Audio Group Denmark's answer to an "all in one" solution, providing a mixture of the technologies of AGD into one product. This began with the launch of the Forte range of streaming amplifiers. Due to the success of these amplifiers, AGD have expanded the Axxess range to now allow customer essentially to build full systems, with the introduction of loudspeakers, cables and isolation products. 

Axxess L-1 & L-3 Loudspeakers

Arguably the most exciting products from Axxess are the announcement of their new speakers. So why are they exciting? Essentially these are "Axxess"-able Børresen's. These speakers are still designed by speaker maestro Michael Børresen, so effectively these still carry the same characteristics and many of the technologies of the more expensive Børresen loudspeakers, but at a fraction of the price. That therefore means you are getting an incredible loudspeaker at a more accessible price for many. These speakers have been designed and created to give more opportunities to customers to experience the AGD sound and technologies. 

Axxess have announced two new speaker models, the L1, a stand mount model and the L3, a floor standing model. The L1 retails at £2,500 and the L3 AT £5,000 so these are extremely aggressively priced, and it is clear that AGD are aiming to make their mark in the market. 

The L1 also has an option of a stand, which retails for £1,000/pair and offer exceptional isolation properties, having taken much of the knowledge and technology of the Børresen stands. A slightly scaled down version but hosting impressive isolation properties, these stands can be further upgraded using the newly announced Axxess Noir Isolation / Resonance Control units (pack of 4: £550.00). These isolation products can also be used under the Forte models for additional isolation properties. 

How do the Isolation Products enhance the listening experience?

Axxess' Isolation Products are designed to minimize vibrations and external noise, allowing for a more immersive listening experience. By isolating the audio signal, these products ensure that you hear every detail of your music with clarity and precision.

Axxess Cables - Completing the System

AGD have always put an emphasis on cables and the importance of using high quality cables in your system. They believe that the transport of signal has to be considered, and that is why they felt the need to create a new range of cables, specially designed to work with the Axxess range. This also allows customers to engage with AGD's cable range (more expensive models from Ansuz available) without breaking the bank. This offers customers the chance to hear the difference cables can make in a system, but without investing hugely. 

With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Axxess continues to push the boundaries of audio technology. Their new line of Speakers, Cables, and Isolation Products are designed to be accessible to a wider range of customers, providing an unparalleled audio experience for all.

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