Arcam lands at Kronos AV!

Arcam lands at Kronos AV!

The ever popular and multi award winning brand, Arcam had landed at Kronos AV! I'm sure most of you aren't a stranger to the name, and their products, giving the thriving success they have achieved int he UK and abroad, and having recently been acquired by Harmon, a division of Samsung, we are sure there is even more success in store for this iconic brand. 

Kronos AV decided to approach Arcam, as they offered a unique range of small and compact units, at very competitive price points. Alongside this, Arcam does a range of well spaced, and solidly built full-sized units, which have been awarded a number of highly respectful reviews, most recently landing a 4 star What HiFi review on their very popular SA10 Integrated Amplifier.

Check out their full range here:

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