Amazing offer from IsoAcoustics...

Amazing offer from IsoAcoustics...

Kronos AV are delighted to announce a brand new IsoAcoustics promotion designed to help users improve isolation HiFi speaker and component isolation in one fell swoop!

IsoAcosutics GAIA - claim a free gift this Autumn 2022A Little Bit About GAIA...

First introduced to the world in 2016, GAIA is a range of isolators made to replace the existing spikes on floor-standing HiFi speakers. By employing IsoAcoustics' patented isolation technology, GAIA allows speakers to float in free space resisting lateral movement and reducing smear. In short - GAIA are an incredible way to increase listening clarity and help speakers perform at their very best.

Awards landed by IsoAcoustics GAIA in recent years

GAIA comes in three sizes with a maximum weight capacity of 32, 54 and 100kg per isolator respectively.

Promotion Details

Until the end of 2022, when you  purchase any 8x GAIA isolators can claim one of three free additions for their HiFi system:

  • Aperta Sub - (Worth £150.00) 

    Claim a free Aperta Sub with GAIA this Autumn

    Low profile isolation stand for subwoofers up to 36kg in weight

  • OREA Graphite (x4) (Worth £180.00)

    Claim four free OREA Graphite isolators with GAIA this Autumn

    Isolation pucks for HiFi components such as DACs and amplifiers

  • zaZen I (Worth £199.00)

    Claim a free zaZen I with GAIA this Autumn

    Dense fibre isolation platform designed for use under turntables

Taking Part

Simply purchase your chosen GAIA isolators and select which free gift you would like to receive from the drop down menu. The complete purchase will be delivered direct to your home address. 


You can purchase Gaia speaker isolators here:

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