A Sell Out Crowd!! Classic Album Sunday's

A Sell Out Crowd!! Classic Album Sunday's

As many of you are aware, on Sunday 4th November, we, alongside Classic Album Sunday's, and the fantastic Coleen "Cosmo" Murphy had an event, which primarily focused on Van Morrison's Astral Weeks Album. 

The event took place at Armagh County Museum and was focused on this particular album, where Coleen alongside BBC journalist Stuart Bailey discussed the album in detail focusing on the tracks, album artwork amongst many other things... 

The Album was then played from start to finish, on a reference system which was supplied by ourselves. One of the key ideas behind these events is to give people the chance to hear particular albums on a true reference HiFi system, which offers them the opportunity to hear the album in a way they have never heard it before.  

As many of you understand, with Hi-End HiFi details can be lost when used on poorer systems, and it was absolutely fantastic to hear from many of the crowd who expressed their disbelief at how much of the album they had never heard, and at the enjoyment that they had hearing the album reproduced on a true reference system. 

The event was completely sold out, and it was fantastic to spend the night with fellow music lovers and offer people the chance to hear and understand the world of high-end audio. 


We would love to do more events like these in the future, so plans are already in the pipelines, so keep an eye out for any further updates...  

We would also like to thanks Guy from Puresound for his help throughout the weekend, and for assistance with products, as well as Renaissance Audio for the loan of the VPI Prime Signature Turntable & Tonearm.

System Used

Turntable: VPI Prime Signature & Tonearm

Cartridge: Etsuro Urushi MC Cartridge

Phono Stage: Aurasound Vida MM/MC

Pre Amp: Puresound L300

Power Amp: Puresound M845 Mono Blocks

Mains Cables: Titan Audio Nemesis Signature (throughout) 

Interconnects: Titan Audio Nemesis RCA Cables (throughout)

Speaker Cables: Titan Audio Nemesis Speaker Cable (throughout) 

Accessories: Titan Audio Cable Lifts, Pro-Ject Audio Systems Putty, Track Audio Isolation Feet


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