Pro-Ject's New Essential III FlexiRange

Pro-Ject's New Essential III FlexiRange

Since its introduction in late-2016, the Essential III from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been a revelation in the affordable turntable market. Combining stunning cosmetics with exceptional performance, the price-per-pound ratio has been unrivalled and the initial market response has been phenomenal. Since the expansion earlier in 2017 to include MDF (Essential III) and Acrylic (Essential III A) platter options, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are now expanding the range further. The company’s Founder and CEO, Heinz Lichtenegger, has said of his new concept...

“In the pursuit of perfection, choices must be made. What is important, what is not needed. Pro-Ject, the world leader in audiophile turntables, has created a product line, called the Essential III FlexiRange, that lets you decide which features are important to you. Therefore there are no compromises in the quality of the components and you can choose the configuration that suits you best, paying only for the features you want.”

All Essential III FlexiRange turntables are built around the original Essential III design. From the high-quality, acoustically neutral, high-gloss MDF plinth and platter, through the premium bearing and decoupling feet, all the way onto the aluminium tonearm, Ortofon OM 10 cartridge and 9V asynchronous motor; the Essential III is a proven performer that’s already earned a 2017 EISA Award for its ability to impress.

The Essential III FlexiRange ensures every audio enthusiast who’s looking for a turntable package on a budget can get what they need. No longer do you need to compromise with features that aren’t necessary for your system – with the Essential III FlexiRange you get exactly the turntable you need. From late-October 2017, five new Essential III models will be available across the UK, all in the same high-gloss black, red or white finish options as the original...

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