Top Speakers under £1000


We have put together a list of our favourite and highest rated speakers under £1000, check them out below...

So many options...

We know it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose the right speaker, particularly at a given price point,  so we have outlined some of our favourites from different categories (floorstander, bookshelf etc...) and noted some the reasons we like them so much! 


Jamo S807

PRICE: £499.00

0% Finance: from £29.94/month

  • A very well rounded speaker     
  •  Stunning build quality & finish
  • Rich base and musical sound  
  • Punches above its price point  

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Klispch R-24F 

PRICE: £529.00

0% Finance: from £29.94/month

  • Wonderful top end clarity and detail
  • Great build quality and construction
  • Horn styled  tweeter gives iconic sound
  • Front Ported for easier positioning

Jamo C97

PRICE: £949.00

0% Finance: from £29.97/month

  • Beautiful cabinet design and finish
  • Stunning bass control and depth
  • Fantastic dynamics and detail
  • Musical and rich sound across all music


Klipsch RP-160M

PRICE: £565.00

0% Finance: from £32.96/month

  • Horn style tweeter offers iconic sound
  • Stunning finish and build quality          
  • A very full sound from a small speaker
  • Crisp, clear and detailed sound              

Heco Elementa 300

PRICE: £699.95

0% Finance: from £30.62/month

  • Exceptional value for money        
  • Clear and precise sound                
  • Stunning build quality and finish
  • Well sized for smaller rooms         

Triangle Espirit Comete 

PRICE: £940.00

0% Finance: from £33.29/month

  • Iconic Triangle sound                             
  • Stunning finish and build quality      
  • Front ported for easy placement       
  • Large soundstage and very dynamic

Active Speakers

Advance Acoustic Air 55

PRICE: £399.00

0% Finance: N/A

  • Easy to use and very full sound                        
  • Can produce CD Quality reproduction            
  • Well built and great finish                                 
  •  Easy to use and very full sound                      

Klipsch R-15PM

PRICE: £434.95

0% Finance: from £32.62/month

  • Great range of inputs                                    
  • Can be used alongside a turntable            
  • Room filling sound                                         
  • 50W Amplifier                                                  

Advance Acoustic Air 150 

PRICE: £899.00

0% Finance: from £29.67/month

  • Incredible sound quality                         
  • Great range of inputs                               
  • Front ported for easy placement          
  • 120W amplifier                                     


We are always on hand to help guide you through the buying process. If you are unsure of what speakers would work best for you, we are happy to discuss this with you, find the speaker that will work for you and find the best possible payment and delivery option!