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Tonar Tacky Cleaner Rolling Record Cleaner LP

Tonar Tacky Cleaner Rolling Record Cleaner LP

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The Tonar Tacky Cleaner takes an unconventional approach to cleaning records.

By having a sticky silicone elastomer surface that deforms when rolling, it can fit in the record grooves and the dust and grime within stick to the tacky cleaner.

After use, the rolling cleaner can be cleaned under a tap with water and a little soap, once dry it will be a sticky as new

this is a really great cleaner. Used properly it removes every last speck of dust, does not generate static, and for me cleans way way better than using a carbon brush or a microfibre cloth. Having owned it for a while now, and having washed it a few times, it has not degraded or lost any 'tackiness'. My records absolutely sound at their best, with minimal pops or crackles, when I clean them using this before playing.

If you live in a hard water area, you can clean with Distiilled Water to prevent limescale  deposited onto a record's surface on the first 'roll'

Also useful for dusting your  platter mat, plinth, dustcover

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