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Tonar Stylus Timer

Tonar Stylus Timer

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Stylus timers are an essential part of any HiFi system. Most stylus' will last around 1000 hours, depending on how they are set up and how well they are looked after. Once a stylus has worn out, it will of course have effects in the sonic performance of your system, but also can cause damage to your records. That is why it is essential to keep a note of how many hours your stylus has been playing, and therefore when it may be time to replace it. 
The Tonar Stylus Timer is a simple solution to this problem. Simply start the timer when you begin listening and stop it when you have finished. This way you will know how many hours your stylus has been playing.  It is also a useful tool for running in your new cartridge or replacement stylus. Most Stylus' will require around 50 hours to run in, so the Tonar Stylus Timer is another great tool to help control your break in time. 
  • Protect your records
  • Track Listening Time
  • Determine when to replace your Stylus
  • Know precisely how many hours are on your stylus or cartridge
  • Track break-in hours and changes in sound quality over time
  • Protect your record collection from damage by a worn stylus
  • Know when it is time to replace your stylus or cartridge
  • Maximise your investment, especially with high-end cartridges
  • Have fun watching the hours climb, tracking your listening habits
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