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Pro-Ject Power Box RS Phono Power Supply

Pro-Ject Power Box RS Phono Power Supply

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Power Box RS Phono: Phonoklang on the highest level!

At Pro-Ject Audio Systems, we think that the power supply is a very important part of the audio chain and makes a significant contribution to the sound quality of an audio device. On the one hand to ensure the maximum reproduction quality and on the other hand the complete separation of the phono preamplifier from the mains, the Power Box RS Phono with battery power supply was created. The power supply quality is particularly crucial if the signals to be amplified are very small. A low-output MC pickup typically has an output voltage of 0.2mV = 0.0002V. Such signals are extremely sensitive to interference signals from the power grid.


How does the Power Box RS Phono work?

If the Power Box RS Phono is connected to the Phono Box RS and switched on, then only the battery connection to the Phono Box RS exists. Since the power supply unit and the charging unit are physically separated, faults from the mains supply can not be harmful to the sound. If the battery charge falls below a certain level, further playback could damage the batteries. Therefore, the charging electronics is automatically active, the charging status is indicated by LEDs on the front panel. The playback will continue, but the advantage of a complete disconnection from the power grid is not for the period of loading. Although this is the biggest advantage temporarily not exist, the battery acts as a filter and the sound quality is still far better than with the standard power supply. Once the batteries are fully charged.

  • Cleanest possible power supply for Phono Box RS
  • Prevents the entry of harmful interference from the mains into the Phono Box RS during playback
  • Advanced lithium polymer batteries (1 per channel each)
  • Playback time about 4 hours
  • Charging time about 4 hours
  • Optimized battery life thanks to intelligent microprocessor-controlled charging electronics
  • Status indication via LEDs on front
  • Available in silver or black
output voltage from +/- 14.8V to +/- 16.8V,
depending on the state of charge
Battery type and capacity Li-ion, 2000mAh
charging time about 4 hours
(longer if Phono Box RS in use)
Play time about 4 hours
Power supply included 20V / 3000mA DC (worldwide use possible)
Dimensions W x H x D 201 x 72 x 195mm
mass 2030 g without power supply
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