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Origin Live

Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm

Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm

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The Zephyr tonearm is a considerable advance on the Silver with stronger, hard-to-machine alloys used throughout the yoke and base. It also includes additional stiffening and damping in the arm tube. All this adds up to a clear improvement in bass weight, dynamics, resolution and image stability – worthy of belonging to our premium range.


  • High grade aircraft alloy tube with internal stiffening and special rear stub for improved counterweight rigidity
  • The additional arm stiffening serves to further increase dynamics and sense of power and control in the bass
  • Superior Yoke design – encompassing higher grade material and precision tolerancing of parts. This results in an incredibly transparent arm with superb tonal balance. Finally the yoke is mirror polished and finished in chrome
  • Bearing design – gimballed arm using specially treated bearings
  • The Threaded base is upgraded from the Silver with a more sophisticated internal design and superior alloy
  • The Threaded base is upgraded from the Silver with a more sophisticated internal design
  • Counterweight is of a superior alloy to the lower arms to produce deeper bass
  • Integral VTA adjustment
  • High grade Internal Litz wire for transparency
  • Upgrade external cable (6mm diameter) with high conductivity RCA plugs to fit into your amplification
  • Easy to fit – the threaded base mounting makes the arm easy to fit to any armboard designed for Rega arms as it is a drop in replacement for ALL versions of Rega arm whether threaded base or 3 point mounting
  • There is also an Origin Live SME adaptor which means the arm can be fitted to any SME armboard
  • Predrilled armboards are also available for the Linn LP12
Will the arm be compatible with your cartridge?

People often ask whether a certain cartridge compliance will match a certain Origin Live arm. Thankfully our arms avoid this issue. Unlike the norm, they prove to work well on all cartridges whatever the brand. This even applies to “difficult” cartridges such as Shure and London Decca. Users attest they Origin Live arms are entirely at home with Dynavector, Kuoetsu, Lyra, Benz and any other brand you care to name.

The explanation for this is, that in practice, matching the arm effective mass with cartridge compliance, is nowhere near as important as very low resonance and structural integrity within the arm itself. Yes, compliance matching can help badly behaved arms but with a well designed arm it’s of very low significance and is best ignored.

Will the arm work well with your deck?

The answer is that all our arms work well on all types of turntable whatever the brand. The same holds true for questions like, which of our arms is the best choice for a certain deck? All our arms have proved to work well with all types and brands of turntable so the higher the arm quality, the greater your return on investment.

How to fit the arm to your deck

How to fit an Origin Live arm to your deck is dealt with in  fitting guidance for all Origin Live tonearms.

General Specs


  • Effective Length 239mm (9 inch Version),  254mm (10 inch Version), 309mm (12 Inch Version)
  • Effective Mass: Varies according to model – See specifications (links above).
  • Arm mount adaptors are available to fit many decks – See fitting guidance.
  • Tracking Force set by Counterweight position – no springs.
  • Side Bias set by falling weight on thread for ultra-low friction.
  • VTA adjuster enables infinitely variable height adjustment in easily repeatable increments.
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