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Titan Audio

Titan Audio HS-X3 Mains Cable

Titan Audio HS-X3 Mains Cable

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The HS-X3 Mains Cable is the first in a range of new innovative mains conditioning cables within our Hybrid Signature Range. Utilising a latest generation cabling specially designed for the range, the HS-X3 provides powerful and consistent power to your equipment. 

Hybrid Signature (HS)

Hybrid Signature Cables help provide your equipment with the purest form of mains power, helping them work to full and optimal performance levels. By providing a component with the finest version of current, it means that its performance is consistent from start-up to end of use, which allows sound reproduction to be unvaried and more lifelike. This cabling also ensure that unwanted sounds such as noises and hums are not transferred into the track, as these traditionally can enter your system both directly through standardised mains cables and between the connection points of the socket and IEC. Hybrid Signature Cables are able to prevent these factors through innovative cable and plug technologies, as well the ranges signature FFT Hybrid Module.

Next Generation Cabling

Featuring revolutionary cabling specially designed for the Hybrid Signature Range, The HS-X3 is made up of three isolated cables each independently managing their respective current lines. This means that the Hybrid Signature series provides triple layer protection from standard cabling as each wire has it's own dedicated shielding. Each cable is built up of three layers of protection, including a durable outer layer for protection, double woven metal sheath for superior shielding and an additional interwoven core to isolate the internal wiring. Each of these factors help protect the mains support from internal and outboard EMI & RFI interference for pure, clean consistent current transfer. This configuration is specifically tailored to support anti-tangle and full freedom of movement for ultimate usability in any system. 

Power of Dunamis Plugs

Handcrafted with the highest quality parts, including our next-generation Dunamis plugs which provide more power than every before, the HS-X3 is an exciting start to the latest advances in mains conditioning technology. The Dunamis Series Plugs are the latest advancement in our mains delivery technologies which provide consist, clean power to your components. Purer materials allow mains current to be better transferred between socket to termination plug and male to female IEC. This means you receive the fullest, purified power from wall to equipment with tight, secure connections.

FFT Hybrid Ready

As part of the Hybrid Signature Range, the HS-X3 is compatible with our latest advances in ForceField Technology (FFT), the FFT Hybrid Module. This dynamic addition can help enhance your cable by integrating ForceField Technology into the configuration, providing durable and reliable protection by conditioning the mains supply. This prevents noise and interference penetrating the mains supply which can cause unwanted sound and hum in your tracks. FFT Hybrid is a fully dynamic module which can be added/removed from the cable at any time, allowing you to add it as an upgrade down the line or mix-and-match modules with other cables in the Hybrid Signature Range. The HS-X3 can allow for one FFT Hybrid Module to be installed at a time. 

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