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Entreq Olympus 10 T Ground Box

Entreq Olympus 10 T Ground Box

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Entreq Olympus 10 T Ground Box - Single Grounding Point

It has long been known that a clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factors in ensuring the best possible sonic performance for any HiFi system. Okay in principle but not always that easy to implement, well now it is easy when you use products from Entreq`s range of ground boxes and grounding cables.

There are a number of products to choose from in the range that offer various uses from single point grounding points on the Entreq ground boxes such as Silver Minimus Infinity to multiple grounding point ground boxes such as the Tellus II Infinity ground box. Per Olaf from  Entreq has taken his knowledge even further and has started to use more exotic mineral mixes to great effect in the Tungsten and Ceramic series of products.

Entreq base all these principles around using as many natural components as possible within their products instead of man made materials as they feel this offers the most natural balance to give the most neutral sound.

When you use any of the Entreq range of ground products the system have a big increase in performance with improved dynamics, a lower noise floor and a more natural flow to the sound.

Why Use Entreq Products?

We all suffer with noise on our systems but will not realise the impact this having on the sound until we reduce this noise which in effect creates a sonic 'hash' which masks the finer detail of a musical performance. Once you connect a Entreq ground box and ground cable to a component the difference in sonic performance is far from subtle as the is more space, separation and finer detail presented. 

You will only appreciate just how much this noise effects the sound once you use these products and unless you have a noise free base to build from and any equipment changes you make to your system will become much more apparent.

Which Ground Box Should I Use?

The weight of the components you are connecting the ground box too will indicate which ground box you should use. As an example Silver Minimus Infinity and Olympus Ten T (Tungsten) have an approximate weight of 2KG and as a basic rule you should times the ground box weight by 5 to tell you the maximum weight component you should ideally connect a ground box too.

⦁ Example 1: Olympus Ten T = 2KG x 5 = 10KG capacity so you can connect this ground box to products weighing 10KG maximum.

⦁ Example 2: Olympus Infinity T = 9KG x 5 = 45KG capacity so you can connect this ground box to products weighing 45KG maximum.

Olympus Ten T (Tungsten) Details:

The Olympus Ten T ground box is a single point ground box due to their mass are ideal to use with DAC`s, preamplifiers, CD players, routers, networks switches and many other small components. The Olympus Ten T moves performance up a level from the Silver Minimus Infinity ground box as it not only has a greater mass which allows it to be used with higher weight components but also adds Ceramic and Tungsten to the mineral mix.

If you use 2 x Olympus Ten T ground boxes you can connect these to the NEGATIVE binding posts on small amplifiers to ground the amplifier. This is a very effective and safe way to ground amplifiers**


You can use the Olympus Ten T to ground 2 components but again try to stay within the maximum capacity of ground box (Olympus Ten T has a capacity of 14KG). Ideally if connecting 2 components try and stay within products that match such as digital components, analogue components such as CD transports and a DAC or say phonostage and preamplifier as this will offer the best performance.

The ground boxes are not supplied with grounding cables as there are a number of options. The ground cables range is Argo, Apollo, Triton and Olympus.

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