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Davone Reference One Loudspeaker

Davone Reference One Loudspeaker

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Davone Reference One

No compromise. Is the best way to describe the new Davone flagship model. With precise engineering guiding us every step of the way, we have created a loudspeaker that reveals the full tonal spectrum of even the most convoluted music. Sounding clean, natural and unconstrained, hidden subtleties in the music are revealed while always remaining in control.

More than Beryllium

Due to its incredible rigidity, Beryllium represents the ultimate material for a tweeter dome. Where soft domes turn choirs into grain, hard rock into noise, Beryllium can separate the complex harmonics with ease and keep the music clean and precise, also at high listening levels. But only if applied correctly. With the very narrow surround on our tweeter, the "soft dome" coloration is kept to a minimum. And with a moving mass of only 0.1 gram and a magnetic flux density of 2.0 Tesla, we are right at the theoretical limit. To translate these extreme specifications into extreme performance, the application needs to be optimal too. With the dedicated cross-over, movement of the dome is kept to a minimum, thereby eliminating distortion in the lower treble, often referred to as the undesired "bite". And by lavishly rounding the baffle, the uniquely flush mounted dome can unobstructed deliver its wide off-axis response, essential for an open sound.

A Metamodal Membrane

The Swedish company Oxeon invented a unique process to produce a very flat uni-directonal fiber tape. A weave made with this tape can be very flat and therefore requires less resin and weighs less compared to a traditional fiber weave. In other words, more carbon fibers can be used for the same weight. In fact, Textreme as it is called, is so stiff that the familiar edge resonance around 1-2 kHz is eliminated. This stiffness usually comes at the cost of severe resonances at higher frequencies which limits the operating range. But by optimising the thickness and stiffness, the Textreme membrane is engineered for a controlled resonant behaviour by distributing the break up modes, a metamodal membrane. These distributed modes, or resonances, are far less severe and the useable frequency range is increased. It is the perfect membrane for a midrange loudspeaker and it allows us to use a higher cross over between mid range and tweeter. The sound is resonant free and wonderfully clean, neutral and fast.

Fast and Powerful

Even the untrained eye will be able to see that this is not just another 10" woofer. It is purpose built for large deflection with minimal energy storage. In other words, it is powerful, fast and detailed. The strikingly large double magnet is mounted on a very stiff cast aluminum chassis and both magnet and chassis are designed for optimum airflow and ventilation. This minimises unwanted energy storage, just like the non-conducting vented voice coil and low damping rubber surround. The large surround and long voice coil allow a very high mechanical deflection of 22mm and a special designed spider limits the mechanical excursion when the woofer reaches the maximum deflection. The very high currents needed to bring this woofer close to its maximum require the large area of the 3” voice coil for sufficient cooling.

the Colour of Sound

String instruments create a base tone and a very large set of higher harmonics. They are proof that the human ear likes a rich, harmonic sound. Record players and tube amplifiers also add harmonics and we experience this as a vibrant and colourful addition, just like the right room acoustics can be. Most loudspeakers also add colour. Aluminium tweeters can have a very open, clear and transparent sound. But this pleasant colouring of sound can be overshadowing and lead to a timbre poverty. Tones are masked by the added colour. The natural sounding Beryllium tweeter in the Reference One has a softer percussion presentation. It is better in distinguishing tones, has better micro details reproduction and therefore musical instruments are better separated in space. Likewise, the Textreme Carbon mid range has a smooth and balanced timbre. It reveals the micro-texture of sound without adding colour. Hence, where drivers based on more basic materials like aluminium or paper can sound attractive with relatively simple music such as classical guitar or vocal solos, the Beryllium and Textreme Carbon drivers do not have that limitation. The Reference One will reveal the full tonal spectrum of even the most convoluted music.

Extensive Bracing

The speakers vibrate and in response the cabinet vibrates. Cabinet vibrations are delayed relative to the music and we hear this as sound becoming blurred, less well defined, mostly in the lower midrange. The cabinet is made from 25mm thick form pressed wood. Both the curved shape and high pressure and temperature bending process further increase the stiffness. The inside is further reinforced with extensive bracing of 18 and 22mm thick plywood in strategic places.

Internal Acoustics

Internal resonances can become audible through the speaker membranes. A myriad of counter measures has been applied in the Reference One. The baffle edge behind the mid range driver is chamfered to prevent the cavity resonance of the speaker cut out. There are two internal Helmholtz absorbers. One to absorbs the standing wave between cabinet bottom and top and the other to absorb the bass reflex port resonance. The bass reflex port inlet is located in an area where sound pressure of the remaining internal resonances is low. Not only on the inside, but also at the outside. The opening at the top prevents the excitation of the listening room resonance between the floor and ceiling. This seemingly simple measure will be of great benefit in many listening rooms because this room resonance is often not well controlled. And last but not least we chose a corner-less design for the bass port with a large area of 30% of the woofer membrane to prevent port turbulence and to have a linear output also at high signal levels.

The Finishing Touch

A loudspeaker of this calibre demands a high quality finish to reflect the high sound quality. Selected quarter cut walnut veneer, real leather from European origin, an elegant grille to cover the bass reflex port outlet. Discretely placed Davone spikes and an all round cared for finish. All materials are chosen for their practicality and longevity for you to enjoy many years to come.


  • Frequency response

    29 - 30.000 Hz, -3dB


    4 ohm, 3.4 ohm minimum at 26Hz, above 4 ohm from 37Hz


    87 dB/2,83V/m

    Recommended Amplifer

    100 watt or more


    10” Hard paper cone, 3" diameter, long throw voice coil, limiting spider

    Mid range Driver

    4,5" Multimodal Textreme membrane with distributed low energy breakup modes

  • Tweeter

    Flush mount 1" Beryllium with extremely light 0.1g dome and a first breakup mode above 40kHz


    Upwards directed bass reflex with a linear, oversized and damped port

    Cabinet Construction

    25mm form pressed plywood with extensive bracing and tuned absorbers


    42 kg / piece

    Height / Width / Depth

    97 / 47 / 37 cm


    Paul Schenkel

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