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Dan Clarke

Dan Clark Expanse Open Headphones

Dan Clark Expanse Open Headphones

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Dan Clark Audio Expanse Headphone

Introducing EXPANSE, Dan Clark Audio’s new flagship open-back headphone. 

Featuring Dan Clark Audio’s all-new 4th generation planar-magnetic driver and the breakthrough Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System and they didn’t stop at improving the sound; they also redesigned the headband to deliver a big step up in ergonomics and comfort!

All Headphones are subject to standing waves in the higher frequencies, which can make instruments like strings, cymbals, even vocals sound unrealistic and fatiguing. AMTS is Dan Clark Audio’s patent-pending inline device located between the transducer and ear. AMTS integrates waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave, and Helmholtz resonators into one compact structure to eliminate standing waves, dramatically improving system performance. Diffusion elements reduce standing wave formation while resonators act as both precision and broadband filters to smooth and shape the frequency response from the midrange through the highest frequencies. With AMTS the upshot is high frequencies are rendered with a refreshingly smooth, accurate, and detailed delivery across all genres.

Dan Clark Audio set out to make EXPANSE a real design statement,” said Dan Clark, Founder and CEO. “EXPANSE design takes its cues from the STEALTH headphone but adds an exciting and unique grill based on mathematical functions derived from the principals of generative design, for a truly unique and stylish look.

The top grade black leather headband features fine blue stitching to create a quilted head-strap that’s not only gorgeous but is also functional and comfortable. The elegant embroidered EXPANSE logo adds a dash of colour to EXPANSE’s all-black aesthetic.

Gone are the mechanical sliders for fit adjustment; Dan Clark Audio has designed a stable yet comfortable “self-adjusting suspension system” that seats the headphone just right, with no muss or fuss

At just 418grams EXPANSE is also one of the lightest super-premium headphones on the market. Taken together, with the vegan suede and "leather" ear pads, self-adjusting suspension, and lightweight chassis make EXPANSE so comfy you can just ignore it and "vanish into your music.”

And also for portability or storage they have incorporated AEON 2’s elegant folding gimbal structure into EXPANSE, allowing it to conveniently pack into a compact custom case that’s small and easy to stow.

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