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Dan Clarke

Dan Clark Corina Electrostatic Headphones

Dan Clark Corina Electrostatic Headphones

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Dan Clark Audio Reference Electrostatic Headphone

Dan Clark Audio's CORINA Reference Electrostatic Headphone is a bold new take on electrostatic headphones. Featuring DCA's patent-pending Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS), CORINA sets a new standard in delivering electrostatic resolution with a natural tone. CORINA also features a self-tensioning headband design, as well as new ear pads with improved ergonomics, including a suede surface that reduces heat and moisture buildup. 

Corina’s new tuning offers a weightier and more percussive bottom end, with a wider and deeper soundstage, a stronger bottom end, and a smoother, richer midrange. Corina delivers a fun yet life like tones, sumptuous vocals, and bass that really kicks. Unlike some electrostatics, Corina is even fun with electronica and rock. CORINA integrates Dan Clark Audio's state-of-the-art Advanced Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS), allowing them to re-imagine the voicing of CORINA to deliver the most natural midrange they’ve heard in an electrostatic to date, with a top end free of annoying treble spikes.

AMTS for a smoother midrange and top end. New self-adjusting headband for a more comfortable listening experience Re-engineered 88mm driver with more consistent diaphragm tension and uniformity for enhanced linearity and better channel matching Matched ear pads for better imaging new ergonomic ear pad design with suede contact surfaces for comfortable extended listening.


First, if you are new to electrostatic headphones it's essential to understand that they require dedicated electrostatic energisers or amplifiers. Energisers are typically more cost effective, while dedicated amplifiers deliver a higher level of performance.

Energisers are available from Trilogy Audio (UK), iFi, and Stax.

Second, it is not uncommon for electrostatic headphones to make a "ripping" or "zipping" sound when the diaphragm contacts the stator (this is sometimes called a "stat fart," or something similar). This typically occurs when putting the headphone on, or taking it off, or if you press on the headphone cup while listening. This is considered normal behaviour and is not indicative of a problem with the headphone, unless the diaphragm doesn't release (which causes audible distortion).

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