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Chario Academy Serendipity Floorstanding Speakers

Chario Academy Serendipity Floorstanding Speakers

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5 way Floorstand / 2 Pieces


The flagship of the Academy Series is the grand culmination of the extensive research and development undertaken by Chario Loudspeakers since was founded in 1975.

Here are some of the concepts, structures, and principles that have brought us worldwide acclaim:

  • NRS 2π sr
  • Hyper Exponential Hourglass
  • Reversed Vertical Array
  • Silversoft Dome /
  • Rohacell®
  • Full Apex™
  • Polyring
  • Neodymium
  • Overlapping Points
  • WMT™ Alignment
  • SoundCap®

Hidden Pieces

Composite material of ecological origin will show isotropic behaviour, losing energy in all directions inside its fibres.

Composite material of ecological origin will show isotropic behaviour, losing energy in all directions inside its fibres. Solid wood, on the other hand, used in swallow-tailed staves, is the best solution for achieving a rigid structure. The objective of combining the best characteristics of natural wood and wood fibre is achieved by pairing panels on orthogonal planes. Serendipity infrastructure actually has the task of damping the mechanical vibrations generated by woofers and confining them inside the cabinet. The image on the left shows the tensor surfaces, reflex duct and the structure that houses the two 320 mm subwoofers in the proprietary NRS isobaric configuration.

Walnut Wood

It is a medium-sized plant, whose height can reach 30 meters, with erect trunk and wrinkled bark; the name of the plant comes from the internal channels carrying chlorophyll. The leaves are deciduous, alternate, compound, with 15-23 serrated edges, spear-shaped leaves, 6-12 cm long, pale green on both pages.

The plant carry unisexual flowers, the fruits are round, solitary or in pairs; the outer husk has rough surface and contains a blackish walnut, round, very woody and wrinkled that contains within it a seed with a strong, unpleasant taste.

This plant has an high stability, if the wood is treated with vaporization process, medium-high hardness, high durability to the heartwood, poor for the sapwood, very good processability. Odorless.

A Flagship in a Nutshell

Academy Serendipity

The Serendipity speakers a refined synthesis of all the studies that have characterized the project activity of Chario Loudspeakers since 1975, the year the company was founded.

Speakers designed only using natural walnut solid wood. A few concepts are necessary to understand the Serendipity operation principles.

The idea is to give the listener the illusion of being there through a dual strategy: to extract the environmental information contained in the standard audio recordings, presenting the pressure changes to the listener’s ears in a new and never experienced way before; and reduce minimizing the negative influence of the first environmental considerations in which the audio system is armed. With these concepts was created a speaker that synthesizes the results of years of research both in psycho-acoustic and in the use of high-tech materials.

To obtain what we intended to obtain, a 5-way system, equipped with 1 tweeter, 1 midrange , 2 woofers and 2 subwoofers contained in a cabinet composed of two parts, the lower one dedicated to the subwoofer and the upper one for other drivers. Joined together by four cylindrical dampers which have the task of dissipating negative energies for the good yield of the speaker.


Low Frequency Load 

  • NRS 2π sr Vented Isobaric Compound

Vent Geometry

  • Bidimensional Hyper-Exponential Hourglass Type


  • 5 -way Reversed Vertical Alignment Free-Standing


  •  1 Tweeter 32 mm SILVERSOFT™ dome NeFeB motor
  • 1 Midrange 130 mm ROHACELL® Poly-Ring NeFeB motor
  • 1 Woofer 130 mm ROHACELL® Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NeFeB motor
  • 1 Woofer 170 mm ROHACELL® Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NeFeB motor
  • 2 Sub 320 mm Natural Fibres - 2 Waves Surround HF motor


  • 93 dB SPL normalized to 1 m / 2.83 Vrms / decorrelated L/R
  • pink noise in IEC 268 -1 compliant listening room

Low Frequency

  • Cut Off 23 Hz @ -3dB referred to C4 WETS

Overlapping Points 

  • 240/500/1250/1850 Hz (See plot)

Rated Impedance 

  • Modulus 4 Ω (min 3.0) Argument ± 36°

Cabinet & Dimensions


Solid walnut and HDF. The structure comprises two cabinets:the lower contains two subwoofers; the upper contains two woofers, onemidrange and one tweeter. The two wood cases are separated by fourcylindrical proprietary-engineered elastomeric puffersacting as vibration decouplers to dissipate mechanical energy by orthogonalelongation


Size & Weight

1610 x 400 x 580 mm (H x W x D) / 100 Kg

Acoustic Environment & Amplification

Speakers Orientation 

Speakers should be tilted inward facing the listener

Listening Distance 

Optimum speaker-listener distance > 3.5 m

Listening Layout 

A carpeted floor in front of the speakers is recommended

Side and Back Walls 

Should be at least 1m away from the speaker front baffle

Suggested Amplifier

Normal Amping - 400 W/4Ω Max Average Power

Bi-Amping - 200 W/4Ω Max Average Power

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