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Ansuz Acoustic A2 Ethernet Cable - 1M

Ansuz Acoustic A2 Ethernet Cable - 1M

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The Ansuz A2 Ethernet cable has an amazing ability to let you experience natural micro details in your music streams, which you have not previously heard. This state-of-the-art Ethernet cable is developed with the best experience and best materials and will elevate the performance of your LAN network to an amazingly high performance.


An active coil type that is acting directly on the mains wires. 

This active type of coils is imbedded on both sides of the double-sided circuitry board. 

This Ansuz technology is responsible for the analog dither we use in a wide range of our products. The dither is adding a very low-level random noise pattern and modulating the noise floor. With this technology, it is possible to hear what is below the noise-floor. Thus, it provides more transparency and a deeper insight into the full content of the recording.

All cables and cable screens act like antennas. By fitting AARC in our cable structures, we reduce the cables’ ability to absorb airborne RF/EMI. The mechanism of the Ansuz AARC technology is to make sure that the cable has no definitive length. That way, the cable or internal wire cannot act as an antenna. Thus, no standing waves can be absorbed in the cable and infiltrate your audio system.

  • Superior grounding
  • Massive Ansuz technology
  • Highly efficient shielding
  • Selective laser engraved housings
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