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Acustica Applicata

Acustica Applicata Polifemo Room Correction

Acustica Applicata Polifemo Room Correction

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EcoDAAD is a new and effective device useful for the acoustic treatment of auditoriums, concert halls, cinemas, meeting rooms and home environments dedicated to Home Cinema or high-fidelity listening.

EcoDAAD works at broad-band from 260 Hz. up.

Its absorption action is realized through a double mechanism: the transformation of the audible sound energy into sub-sonic vibration, which occurs when the sound wave collides with the whole body of the device; the conversion of the sound energy into heat, which occurs when the sound wave goes through the resistive material placed on the device perimeter, whose action is enhanced by the difference in pressure between the inside and the outside of the device in the presence of the sound transient.

Thanks to some structural characteristics and the materials utilized, EcoDAAD also features a bland action of sound diffusion of mid-high and high frequencies.

EcoDAAD is an acoustic device that results in a sound outcome where the high frequencies remain open and vivid without being aggressive, where the mid frequencies become more pleasant and intelligible, where the mid-low ones are cleaner and rich in content.

With EcoDAADs your sound will never be hollow, dull, slow.

EcoDAAD finds its suitable application:

  1. When treating the “fluctuating echo”, that bothersome metallic reverberation detectable in some environments after a hand-clap;

  2. When performing a “simple” treatment of the perimetral early reflections that interact negatively with the sound coming from the speakers;

  3. When treating the ceiling.

EcoDAADs can be placed both horizontally and vertically through ceiling and wall clamps that come with the product.

Semicylinder-shaped, they are made with pressed and micro-perforated metal sheet, cell-like polycarbonate and totally non-toxic sound absorbent material. Available in white, grey, black.

Width: 23 cm.
Length: 107 cm.
Depth: 8.5 cm.
Weight: 1 Kg.

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