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Audiovector SR1 Avantgarde Arrete receive some high praise from Tone Audio...

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Audiovector, one of our highly regarded speaker brands from Denmark, has recently announced the latest addition to their QR Range, this time a flagship model in the form of the QR5.    Here are all the details of these new speakers...   QR 5 THE NEW FLOORSTANDER The QR 5 is now the biggest speaker in the QR series and by far the best performer. The perfectly detailed and sweet treble promises endless hours of musical joy without fatiguing your ears. The powerful and dynamic bass will allow any recording to sound lifelike and at its very best. THE GOLD LEAF...

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Audiovector, Review -

Audiovector add to their already impressive list of positive reviews, this time clinching a 5-star review from What HiFi for their SR3 Avantgarde loudspeakers

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