Capital Audio Fest 2023 - Show Report

Capital Audio Fest 2023 - Show Report

Kronos AV Staff recently attended the Capital Audio Fest show in Washington DC and it was a fantastic show. We were told it was one of the smaller ones, but it was certainly an impressive show with many of our favourite brands being heavily featured. Local N.Ireland company Titan Audio had their mains products featured in no less than nine rooms and had some of the best sounds of the show in our opinion. Audio Group Denmark ( Axxcess, Aavik, Ansuz and Borresen) had three rooms and again produced great sounds. Other UK brands included Acoustic Energy, Lowther, Q Acoustics, Wharfdale, Mission, Audiolab and many more. There were also many brands new to us, mostly from the US which were interesting to see and hear. All in all it was a great event and one we would definitely like to return to. 

This room featured Japanese Soul Note electronics, Diptyque loudspeakers from France and also featured Titan Audio mains cables. Great sounding room. 


Another room with Soul Note Electronics but this time featuring the Alare speakers from Italy and again featuring Titan Audio mains cables. 

This room featured Adam speakers by Alair Audio and Indigo electronics two brands which were new to us. 

The brand new Borresen X2 speakers which sounded absolutely stunning. At £8500 these are a real bargain. Compact floorstander with real punch. 

Amped was another brand we were unfamiliar with but it was great to see new and exciting audio. 

View from the lifts down unto the ground floor which featured many stands including cable manufacturers and lots of vinyl. 

This was one of the Gold Note electronics rooms. This Italian brand is a big favourite of ours and the room again featured Titan Audio mains cables and sounded really good. 

Vivid Audio speakers were featured in this room. Really unusual but as usual sounding pretty good. 

Another view from the glass lifts showing the many stands on the lower floor

Some of the funkiest cables we have ever seen were featured in this room. 

Lowther speakers from the UK were in this room being driven by Triode electronics from Japan and Gold Note streamer. Sounded really superb. 

Acoustic Energy speakers were sounding good in this room again powered by Titan Audio cables. 

Magnaplanar Speakers being driven by Unison Research electronics and powered by Titan Audio mains products. 

Zu Loudspeakers from the US were being driven by Black Ice electronics again from the US but looked and sounded pretty good. 

Voxitive loudspeakers from Germany were featured in this room. 

One of the many live performances which were featured in many rooms at the show. We thought it sounded realistic from the hallway. 

One of the many rooms featuring Audio Group Denmarks products this one featured the Axxcess electronics and the X 3 speakers. As always one of the most impressive sounds of the show. 

Q Acoustic speakers being driven by Unison Research electron cables were by QED and Titan Audio. 

The Amazing M6 speakers from Borresen at a cool £500,000 being driven by their 880 Class A electronics range. Awesome and the room was continually packed with people. 

Credo speakers from Switzerland being driven by Linear Tube Audio from the US. We really liked the beautiful tonality of this system. 

You weren't going to miss the Audio Group Denmark rooms. This illuminated sign made sure of that. 

PMC loudspeakers from the UK being driven by Advance Paris electronics from France. 

The new Mission 770 speakers being driven by Audiolab's new 9000 series. Sounded excellent. 

Lars Kristensen from Audio Group Denmark overseeing demos at the show 

Unison Research 845 Valve integrated sounding and looking good with Opera speakers.

Huge horn speakers and a reel to rell tape deck. Old school. 

VAC valve amplifiers from the US. 

Fidelity Imports one of the biggest distributors in the USA had nine rooms on the sixth floor. Steve and Bob from Fidelity imports with Gary from Titan Audio. 

Aavik 880 class A electronics driving the £100,000 M1 Borrensen speakers with Ansuz cabling. This was a seriously impressive room. 

An all american room. Vinni Rossi electronics and YG speakers. 

Really interesting electronics from Geshelli, a US brand new to us but it looked and sounded great. 


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