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Titan Audio

Titan Audio Nemesis Signature Mains Cable

Titan Audio Nemesis Signature Mains Cable


Kronos AV 5 Year Warranty 

Kronos AV offer a FREE 5 year warranty with all products they sell (unless otherwise stated here). If you item is faulty during this time, you simply need to contact one of our staff and they will arrange everything for you. 

How does the warranty procedure work? 

Once you have contacted us to arrange a warranty repair, we will supply you with an RMA number which will allow us to allocate the order to your account when we receive it. We will then have the manufacture repair the goods as quickly as possible and returned to you fully working. 

We will also test the goods prior to sending them back to you, to make sure they are 100% working, and you receive back a perfect product.

Do I need to keep the orignal packaging?

Yes, it is very important with all products that you keep all original packaging and boxes. This is to allow for safe shipping. Your warranty will be null and void if these are disposed off, so please keep all packaging and boxes for your purchase. 


Warranty Exclusions does not cover ordinary wear and tear by Buyer; (ii) Buyer’s non-observance of installation, operating, and/or maintenance instructions or Specifications provided by Seller in writing; (iii) Buyer’s abuse, improper use, or neglect of Goods and Services; (iv) unauthorized modifications made to Goods and Services by Buyer; or (v) any equipment or materials furnished by Buyer or any third-party (other than Seller or any subcontractor or sub-supplier of Seller).

USED ITEMS: These are excluded from this offer, and a 6 month warranty is provided on these items. 

Items which are classed as intimate e.g. cleaning products etc... are also excluded from this

What if the product comes with a warranty longer than 5 years? 

In some cases, brands may offer warranties which are longer than 5 years. In this case, they supersede our 5 year warranty, and cover you for the extended period. Again you can contact us to arrange any warranty repair, and we will take care of it for you. The manufacturers T&C's and exclusions may apply. 

Where are repairs undertaken? 

All items returned for warranty repairs are sent to our warehouse, where our team will confirm the fault, and create a detailed explanation for the engineer. This will help speed up the process, and allow the engineer to pinpoint the problem in order to rectify it in the quickest time possible.

How do I register my warranty?

Your warranty will automatically be registered upon completion of your order. All you need is to keep a record of your order number, and when you contact us simply supply our staff with this number. Our staff can then proceed with the warranty repair for you. 

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This is the second cable in the reference level 3 range. Like its younger sibling, the Nemesis Signature looks and sounds like no other cable due to its unique construction and very special materials.

The cable is constructed like the Nemesis from extremely high quality and high purity Single Crystal Silver, however, it has almost two and a half times the current delivery than the standard Nemesis cable making its performance with power amplifiers simply breathtaking. This is due to a radical rethink on power cable design and it features much more silver content than its smaller sibling.

The cable is fitted with the same high quality Furutech rhodium plated mains plug and rhodium plated IEC plug with carbon fibre casing. It is also available with a 16amp IEC plug for specialised power amplifiers.

This cable sets new standards in performance acting as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results in extremely low background noise which in turn creates inky black silences which allows you to hear more of the music from the Hi Fi components.

The cable has been designed especially for high current power amplifiers and offers performance never before attained, offering incredible dynamics and detail which are simply stunning.

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