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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Master High-End Slow-Blow Fuse

Synergistic Research Master High-End Slow-Blow Fuse

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Synergistic Research's Master range of fuses are their latest and greatest breakthrough. Synergistic Fuses are available as both 'Fast-blow' and 'Slow-blow' options and are designed for a wide range of Hi-Fi and AV equipment. The Slow-blow fuses are most commonly found in high-powered electrical equipment. They are more tolerant to high current passing through, meaning the fuse will withstand sudden high current flowing through the unit. Slow-blow fuses should be used where the equipment utilises large amounts of power, especially when switched on. For example, a slow-blow fuse can be used in power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers or headphone amps. When installing your new fuse, please ensure you test the fuse in both directions as they are directional from left to right. When the fuse is inserted in the correct direction, it will sound more detailed.

The Synergistic Research Master Fuse is first Synergistic Research fuse developed expressly for full resolution, dynamics, soundstaging, speed, and impact without the need to create musicality as a system-wide fuse loom. Instead, the Master Fuse has been engineered to work alongside Purple and Orange fuses to create dramatic new levels of sonic realism, featuring wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling soundstaging with unparalleled resolution, dynamics, and frequency extension. Best of all, most systems will not benefit from more than one or possibly two Master Fuses in an otherwise complete loom of Purple and or Orange fuses. So you start with a single Master Fuse on your DAC or line conditioner and realise guaranteed results. You can then experiment sparingly with additional Master Fuses if you wish to go further. The choice is yours.

Note: Some configurations will be special-order.


What Synergistic Research say

Master Fuse is an entirely new kind of Fuse. In the past, we developed the highest resolution fuse given the current technology while voicing our fuses to complement a maximum number of systems. And for over a decade, as newly developed technologies came online, like new UEF Compounds and new conditioning processes, we have applied them to the next generation of cutting-edge fuses, usually every two years. Of course, we were striving for maximum resolution plus the warmth needed for most systems to sound musical. But we never could press resolution and other sonic traits as far as we could have. Enter the Master Fuse.

How fuses alter the sound of your system:

For over one hundred years people believed electrons flowed like water through a pipe and that once ‘contaminated’ by miles of wire, there was little or nothing that could be done to ‘clean’ the electricity feeding your components. Consider this: the electricity feeding your system’s components first propagates through a single fuse. This is why significant gains in sound quality are possible when you insert an SR Black or Blue Fuses into each of your components.

Today physicists understand electrons don’t flow at all but rather propagate in a wave of energy that moves along a conductor with a multitude of factors that alters this wave at the quantum level. To understand how electricity travels without electrons ever leaving their respective atoms it is helpful to consider the spectator ‘wave’ at a football match. Even though you can clearly see a wave pattern moving from spectator to spectator as fans raise and then lower their hands (without hands jumping from one person to the next), so too does electricity ‘move’ without electrons ever leaving their atoms. At Synergistic Research we’ve isolated key factors that affect how electricity propagates by changing the behavior of electrons through Inductive Quantum Coupling methods we collectively call UEF Tech. In fact, UEF Tech is so powerful even an electrical chain several miles long is fundamentally improved with nothing more than a single fuse engineered with our patented UEF Technology.



  • Fuse Size: 20mm or 32mm
  • Fuse Rating: 100mA, 160mA, 200mA, 250mA, 315mA, 500mA, 630mA, 800mA, 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5A, 3.15A, 4A, 5A, 6.3A, 8A, 10A, 12.5A, 15A, 16A, 20A
  • Ceramic Body
  • Silica Filled
  • Brass Nickel Plated Contacts
  • 1,000,000 volt three-stage, high-frequency conditioning process
  • 2nd Stage Rev. 2.0 Molecular realignment process
  • Directional
  • Brand new UEF Compound first developed for Galileo SX PowerCell
  • Graphene
  • Recommended use with UK Mains Plugs
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