Pro-Ject High End Turntables

Kronos AV is a verified Pro-Ject Center of Excellence, and has carried this title for over 20 years. We are experts in the Pro-Ject range, from advice to setup, we have a wealth of knowledge. We are very proud to bring a new way to create your own turntable set-up, meaning you can build the perfect turntable, cartridge, phono stage and accessories kit to keep you listening to vinyl for years to come...


Pro-Ject Audio Systems, an Austrian company specialising in the production of premium record players and hi-fi electronics, are giving analogue aficionados more reason than ever to make their high-end turntables your next purchase. Effective from Monday, February 24th, and finishing at the end of May, all Xtension line and Signature line turntables can be purchased as part of a trade-in deal, for up-to £1000 off the regular SRP.


Over the last 20 years the success of the Pro-Ject Debut, amongst other affordable analogue products, has inspired owners across the world to first get back into vinyl, and then to continue their analogue adventure with one of the company’s mid-priced models. This High-End Trade-In promotion is designed for those passionate vinyl lovers to take the next step into the into the true high-end arena.

The offer allows customers to trade in ANY Hifi Turntable (regardless of price, condition, age, make, model etc...) and save up to £1000 off their new
Pro-Ject Turntable


Further to this trade in deal, you can also receive 30% off specific cartridges. This includes either:

Phono Stage

You can also save 10% on a matching phono stage when purchased with your new turntables. Applicable phono stages include:


You can also save a further 10% on any accessories you wish to add t the order. These include vinyl cleaning products, cartridge/stylus cleaners, performance enhancers, covers, cables and more...


With this offer you will receive £500 off ANY Xtension turntable & £1000 off ANY Signature turntable




Pro-Ject HQ

Pro-Ject recently built their own state of the art HQ, where much of the Pro-Ject production takes place. Located to the North of Vienna, the state of the art 12,200 m² Headquarters includes production, offices, warehousing and is also utilises a range of environmental procedures to power it. Pro-Ject also have a flagship store, and cafe area where you can visit at any time.

Multi - Award Winning

Pro-Ject are not just all talk, they have a trophy room of success stories to back them up. While Pro-Ject create a range of turntables which appeal to the mor eentry level customer, Pro-Ject have always been known as one of the top contenderss in the high End market. Pro-Ject very much focus their attentions on the High End side of things.

Reasons to buy...


By purchasing products via our scheme, you can save 10% on any product you match with the turntable, which also creates synergy in your system.

0% Finance

While still offering these fantastic discounts, we can also offer up to 24 months 0% finance, meaning you can spend the cost of your purchase.


We are a Pro-Ject Center of excellence, and have been for over 20 years. You can therefore benefit from a wealth of knowledge & expertise.

How it works?

Essentially, you will receive £500 off any Xtension model or £1000 off any Signature model.

Pricing is therefore as follows...



Deal Retail

Normal Retail

Xtension 9 SuperPack



Xtension 9 SuperPack Burl



Xtension 10



Xtension 10 Burl Finish



Xtension 12



Xtension 12 Burl Finish




Signature 10



Signature 10 Burl Finish



Signature 12



Signature 12 Burl Finish


With the trade in deal, you can also benefit from the bundle deal below:

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