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VTL S-400 Power Amplifier

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The newest addition to our Reference line, the S-400 Reference Stereo Amplifier adapts the outstanding technical achievement of Siegfried to a single-chassis stereo design. At 400 watts per channel, the...


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The newest addition to our Reference line, the S-400 Reference Stereo Amplifier adapts the outstanding technical achievement of Siegfried to a single-chassis stereo design. At 400 watts per channel, the S-400 packs plenty of power for the most demanding musical passages while retaining a remarkable ability to resolve the finest details. With the same precision-regulated power supply and highest quality components as the monoblocks, users can expect a fast, articulate and unusually vivid sound that comes very near to that of Siegfried.

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The luxurious looks, “smart” functionality and user-friendliness of Siegfried are duplicated in the S-400. Convenience features include:

  • Automatic bias adjustment - the amplifier always maintains optimum bias without user tweaking.
  • Automatic fault sensing - front panel display shows if a tube needs to be changed or if an internal fault occurs in the amplifier.
  • On-board diagnostics - all operating parameters are displayed on the front panel readout.
  • Tetrode/triode switching - accomplished with a touch of the “mode” button on the front panel.
  • RS-232 interface – all diagnostic functions can be controlled remotely via the amplifier’s RS-232 interface, enabling easy integration with modern home theater systems. User can query the status of the amplifier and run all the diagnostics remotely by entering commands on a PC via the Hyperterminal window.

While the technical facility of the S-400 makes it virtually foolproof, ultimately, it is the surprising sound that will make you a believer. Like Siegfried, the S-400 reveals the inner details and overtones of music, which results in a much more lifelike experience. Live music’s harmonic complexity and richness is fully revealed without a trace of harshness or electronic edginess.

Most listeners have traditionally agreed that the various types of amplifiers available—tube, solid state, single-ended triode, push-pull—each possess characteristic strengths and weaknesses. The advanced engineering of the S-400 succeeds in extracting the best qualities of each of these designs into one unit. The immense power reserves provide a foundation for music on the level of the best solid state amplifiers; the warmth, agility, and rich timbral presentation of the midrange recalls the best of single-ended triode designs, yet the S-400 remains completely unfazed during dynamic, complex passages like a top-quality push-pull. To be able to get this kind of astonishing performance—so close to Siegfried at only half the cost-- makes this amplifier a truly great value. The S-400 will redefine what you thought possible in a stereo amplifier.

Feature Summary


  • Fully logic-controlled automatic tube biasing: Re-biases between music passages, to keep tubes in optimal operating condition
  • Tube life: Front panel display shows hours of operation of the tubes—no more guesswork on when to change tubes
  • Switchable on-the-fly between tetrode and triode modes with built-in circuit protection
  • Logic-controlled soft-start sequence - extends tube life


  • Front panel fault display alerts user if any of the following conditions are sensed:
    • inadequate line voltage
    • power surge
    • any tube is operating out of its parameters
  • Automatic shutdown after fault is sensed


  • automated fuse testing
  • line voltage display
  • amplifier operating time (since new)
  • serial port for remote diagnostics


  • Precision regulated power supplies: For consistently musical performance and deep bass
  • Balanced input stage: For dynamic sound and superior noise rejection
  • Fully remote controllable and RS-232 Interface: For integration with centrally controlled systems
  • Phase switch


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