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The Funk Firm
The brain behind these developments was a physicist, Arthur Khoubesserian who in 2005 founded The Funk Firm. Its mission statement was clear and unequivocal: “To get the most from the tiny groove containing musical information”. You might have thought with so many ideas, it was all a done deal but reference to the master tape shows this is not the case and fresh new ideas are needed as much now as before.
Note we said “The Master Tape” and not “Digital”. With Pink as the backdrop then, isn’t this something for which Funk is uniquely capable?
In support of that, here already are some examples. 2005 Funk moved on from the acrylic and launched Achromat. A universal Mat of a new material and construction, which, incredibly improved on Pink Triangle’s original acrylic platter. It seems counter-intuitive but Achromat easily improves turntables costing £40,000+.
No wonder that Achromat is now the best selling mat in the world,
2006 A three-pulley belt drive system called Vector drive – it Vectors the drive force around the platter, thereby providing superior support to platter rotation, and is the ideal support for the conventional, downward pointing bearing, especially when correctly positioned – Yes, even here there is an optimisation process.
2010, Funk moved into cartridge supports, otherwise known as “The Arm”, where Funk has introduced a genuinely new arm tube construction. Arm resonances had plagued arms, quite literally for a century. Called F.X this new development has revolutionised the way resonances are now being reduced to vanishing. It is already regarded as a giant killer and development of this new technology is ongoing.

The Funk Firm FXR 2 Tonearm
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We believe F•X (pat pend) a milestone in arm design.


(F•X is pronounced: F dot cross)

(For the theory & see what makes it so special please go to F•X Theory)

Is FX-R II now the the best arm in the World?

(…Perhaps not as fantastic a claim as you might think. Read on)

Funk’s new F•X(pat pend) technology was launched on an unsuspecting public for the first time at the Bristol show in 2008.

Visitors then commented as follows:

” I spent twenty minutes in the Funk room talking to AK and listening to the turntables. He had three Saffires set up, all with Goldring 1042 carts. One had a Naim ARO, one an SME V and the other had the new F dot Cross R arm which is a rewired RB 250 or 300 with their own internally crossbraced spiral wound carbon fibre armtube. It sells for £1,100 which might sound a lot for just a hot rodded Rega but it made the (£2,500) SME V sound pale and anemic and even the ARO (one of my all time favourites) was put in its place…”

Read the review:

Ongoing development and refinement continued.

With its arm beam, slim, elegant and red, FX-R immediately sets itself apart.

Technically & Sonically:


Irrespective of price FX-R, measures superbly, bettering virtually all reference arm in history 

– see graphs below.


We can do no better than repeat the following from a reviewer who upon comparing FX-R against a £2000+ world reference was overheard quietly muttering:

“It’s remarkable how the music comes through when the arm is not in the way”

That has thrust FX-R instantly into super-arm territory.

BUT based on a fully re-worked Rega 301, FX-R is modestly priced.

We believe it currently heads the field – yes it really is that good.

Bass clarity, midband transparency, treble sweetness, all there. Pretty ordinary?

Music makes more sense and the listener is “ever closer”.

Against a master tape, FXR II easily distinguishes with smoothness and balance and openness. It shows just how far the gap is closing.

F•XR II is Funk’s ongoing ingenuity in revealing more from the groove.

In use F•XR II is very practical:

An easy-change cartridge mount permits convenient cartridge change.

F•XR II‘s mounting base is Rega compatible yet has fully adjustable VTA.


I have a Rega arm. Do I need to buy a new arm?

The beauty of this program is that this procedure can be done on any Rega RB arm – 250 / 300 / 251 / 301 / 600 / 700 / 900 / 1000.

If you have an existing arm, you don’t have to dispose of it.

By retaining the original Rega geometry, new armboards are not required.


Is FX-R available as a 12″ arm?

FX-R can indeed be customised for use as a 12″ arm. Details on request.


“I have an LP12. The geometry is not compatible and I don’t have an Ittok”.

FX-R for Linns is a new configuration. There are two variants. Both are 213mm (Linn geometry). One is with a larger pillar diameter making it a straight drop- in for existing Linn mounts, including Keel. The second has a VTA base to fit an existing Linn armboard.

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