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Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Strobo

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Speed Box DS Strobo The Speed Box DS Strobo is the ultimate upgrade for the multi-award winning Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (AC) turntable. By plugging a turntable into this neat little...


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Speed Box DS Strobo

The Speed Box DS Strobo is the ultimate upgrade for the multi-award winning Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (AC) turntable. By plugging a turntable into this neat little box, you can achieve new levels of motor operation and bring automatic speed change to your system; effectively improving the sound quality and the convenience of your record player in one step.

The Speed Box DS Strobo from Pro-Ject Audio Systems allows for easy switching between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, without having to remove the platter to get at the pulley. With the additional Speed Box Pulley you can also achieve 78 RPM speed (on compliant turntables), when the belt is moved to the larger rung of the pulley. The additional + and – buttons also allow for finer speed adjustments, to perfectly suit the preferred listening speed of the playing record. By pressing these buttons you can adjust the speed by 0.2% up or down in 40 steps for ultimate flexibility. A master speed reset function allows for easy switching back to the base-level speed.

The inclusion of a stroboscopic light attachment means that you can also partner your turntable and Speed Box DS Strobo with Pro-Ject’s Strobe-IT, to confirm when you’re spinning at the exact speed you need.

As well as convenience, the Speed Box DS Strobo can also improve motor performance and the sound quality of your turntable. The speed-regulation is quartz-generated, and the normal noisy mains signal is replaced with clean 230V power that’s been kept free of interference; so the motor can run silently and efficiently without having any effect on the rest of the turntable.

As well as the Debut Carbon, the Speed Box DS Strobo is a great upgrade for all Pro-Ject turntables with 230V motors and a captive mains lead. 

This product is not compatible with Pro-Ject turntables that have a detachable DC power supply.
We have tested this product with a variety of other manufacturer's turntables and in many instances it works very well. We cannot offer support and advice for other manufacturer's turntables.

Key Features:

  • Upgrade power supply and speed control
  • Ideally suited to Debut Carbon turntables
  • Compatible with all Pro-Ject 230V motor turntables
  • Automatically switch between 33 and 45 RPM
  • Add 78 RPM speed with the additional Speed Box Pulley
  • Make fine adjustments to the sound with + and – buttons
  • Improve motor efficiency for sound improvements
  • Stroboscopic light attachment included in the box
  • 230V output for accessibility with some non-Pro-Ject turntables

Compatibility Chart:

Turntable Comments
Debut Older 230V models only (i.e. no power supply)
Debut Carbon Original 230V AC model only
1.2 Older 230V models only (i.e. no power supply)
2 Older 230V models only (i.e. no power supply)
6.9 Older 230V models only (i.e. no power supply)



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