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 Ortofon is a fine mechanical powerhouse, which develops, manufactures and markets the world acclaimed Ortofon cartridges and components.
We benefit from being established in Denmark, a country recognized for its strong tradition in acoustics and its wealth of other high-end manufacturers, acoustic measurement equipment, in addition to all aspects of high-end audio.
Ortofon is owned by Danish businessmen and employs a staff of 95 people. The Ortofon manufacturing unit in Nakskov in the south of Denmark has modern machinery combined with experienced operators, so human craftsmanship is delivered with uniform industrial quality.

Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm
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The TA-110 is a product with great benefits for the discerning analogue user. One of the main areas in which it improves over its predecessor (the TA-100) is in the improved use of rubber damping.

Ortofon are true specialists in technical rubber, and all of their specially designed compounds - made in house at their technical rubber facilities in Nakskov, Denmark - are used in many market sectors by companies from around the world. The unique compound used in the TA-110 is known particularly for its high vibration-dampening properties. Combine this material with Ortofon's extensive knowledge of vibration properties and characteristics, and the application of damping material in the TA-110 helps produce a superlative performance.

The TA-110 is given a precision-machined slit in the middle of the aluminium tube, and a piece of Ortofon's special vibration damping rubber is inserted into the slit. An armtube without slit and rubber damper is symmetrical in the vertical and lateral planes, with respect to vibrations. By placing a slit in the tube, the TA-110 breaks this symmetry, and then mounting the rubber insert gives the desired damping.

The effects of this seemingly simple process are notable, Please see the below illustration of the stresses in the armtube. The blue colour indicates non-stressed areas, and the yellow/orange emphasises the more stressed parts. It is clear, that the TA-110 armtube is a lot less stressed than the standard tube used in the TA-100.

Key Features:

  • Supplied with LH-2000E headshell and 6NX-TSW-1010 tonearm cables
  • TA-110 is a static balance gimbal type arm, easy to use and adjust for optimal VTF settings
  • TA-110 has a standard 5-pin DIN connector for tonearm cable
  • The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignment (also the IEC recommendations)
  • Counterweight with Inner/Outer scale 
  • Inner scale to be applied with main counterweight 
  • Outer scale to be applied when extra mass ring is added 
  • Counterweight will work with headshell+cartridge mass approximately in the range 20 to 28g 
  • TA-110 is fitted with a standard headshell connector and can easily be adjusted in accordance with the included mounting template 
  • Extra mass ring for heavier cartridge and headshell combinations included (>the extra mass ring may need to be attached to achieve proper tracking force) 
  • Extra mass ring weight 45g
Ortofon TA-110, Absolute Sound, September 2013

Absolute Sound, September 2013

Reviewed By: Jim Hannon

Comments of Note:
"At less than one-third of its competitors’ cost, the Ortofon TA-110 is not only far more affordable, but its sonic performance comes surprisingly close to those “super-’arms” in a few key areas."
"the bearings used in the 9" TA-110 and 12" TA-210 are specially made and polished for Ortofon and are higher in quality, producing less bearing friction—another of the keys to the TA-110’s superior performance."
"Measurement graphs, available on the Ortofon Web site, show that the vibration damping on the TA-110 is most effective between 1kHz and 4kHz, the key areas of the midrange and upper midrange/lower treble. This helps account for the TA-110’s sonic purity and naturalness on vocals, for example, as well as its ability to preserve the leading edge of transients on percussion." 
"Bass is well controlled and provides a solid foundation to the music, and the highs are smooth without becoming overly aggressive.
The TA-110 is a welcome addition to the ’arms race, leveraging Ortofon’s experience in technical rubber and vibration management into an affordable separate tonearm that controls and dampens spurious vibrations quite effectively. These innovations produce a highly musical, natural, and pure sound that is surprising in this price class. If you prefer to “set-and- forget” your tonearm, you can save a bundle, get soul-satisfying performance, and come closer to the music than you might expect."
Ortofon TA-110, Hi-Fi News, March 2012

Hi-Fi News, March 2012

Reviewed by: John Bamford 

Comments of Note: 
"Ortofon's arms are immaculately finished and beautifully packaged..." 
"The revised TA-110 sounds colourful and open, with rich bass and deliciously sweet, delicate treble." 
"Mind you, it sounded enchanting with the Rachmaninov, its airness creating a wonderful sense of space that produced a 'widescreen' image of the orchestra."

Ortofon TA-110, Hi-Fi World, March 2012

Hi-Fi World, March 2012

Reviewed By: Adam Smith
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note: 
"As soon as stylus hit groove, I was surprised and pleased to hear that the TA-110 took musical performances to a notably higher level. It sounds like a very well developed design in the way in which it simply cuts through the grain and mushy present in poor pressings and recordings to really cut to the chase and deliver the goods." 
"At the bottom end, bass from the TA-110 was firm, beautifully extended and magically detailed..." 
"... at no point did the TA-110 show any sign of losing control, no matter what sort of input it was fed." 
"At the very top end, however, the TA-110 is as pure and clean as could be wished for." 
"A superbly made and finished arm that offers a sound that is as polished and classy as its finish."

Effective Mass (w/out Headshell): 3.5g
Mass of Supplied Headshell 15.5g
Effective Armlength (Stylus - Pivot Point): 231.0mm
Mounting Distance (Pivot Point - Turntable Centre): 213.0mm
Offset Angle: 23.9º
Overhang: 18.0mm
Tracking Force Adjusting Range: 0 - 3g
Height Adjustment Range: 35 - 55mm
Armbase Mounting Hole Diameter: 19 - 20mm
Diameter of the Tonearm Centre Shaft: 18.0mm
Inner Null Point: 66mm
Outer Null Point: 120.9mm
Counterweight for Cart & Headshell Mass Between 21 and 28g: Included 
LH-2000E Headshell: Included
Headshell Weight: 15.5g
TA-110 Total Weight (Incl. Headshell) 470g
Set of Tonearm Cables 6NX-TSW-1010: Included
Extra Mass Ring for Heavier Cartridges: Included
Extra Mass Ring Weight: 45g

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