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JE Audio was found in Hong Kong on 2007 by John Lam. The company has a strong commitment to design and manufacture the finest quality audio electronics. Our dedication to lifelike reproduction of music has led to many technical innovations, awards and great reviews. We are proud to be different. We have our own idea about what is imperative and how things should be done. We are obsessive about details, and would go the extra mile to develop new audio amplifying topologies and to select the most suitable components for the applications.

JE Audio VL10.1 Pre Amplifier
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VL10.1 is a high-fidelity fully balanced line stage preamplifier. It employs three 6H30Pi “super triode” per channel in a patented Wideband Unity Balanced Amplifier (WUBA) configuration for signals amplification. A total of six 6H30Pi is used in VL10.1.

The WUBA is a single gain stage wideband balanced preamplifier design that contains no load resistors, no buffers and no followers. Because of employing just one single gain stage, the WUBA will have the lower phase shift compared with conventional multi-stage feedback preamplifiers. Additionally, no global feedback is used so that the purity of the musical signals can be faithfully preserved

Wideband MOSFETs are used in active current source for improving balanced signals integrity. Premium grade electronic components such as pure silver interconnecting cables, copper foil in oil capacitors and low noise R-core power transformer are extensively used in VL10.1. Dual mono low noise high precision DC regulated power supplies are used to improve overall stability and sonic performance.

  “The fact is I love this preamp. My own reference preamp, if sold today, would likely be priced at around $10k -12k. At $5400, the VL10.1 bettered my reference in every category for half that price.” Will Wright of Positive Feedback Online. (Click here to read the full review.)
“VL10.1... has a rich, full-bodied, gloriously thrilling, thoroughly transparent sound. It’s so inviting to listen to that I’ve been using it more than any other preamp I have -- which is why I plugged it into this system. At $5000, it’s a steal.” Doug Schneider of SoundStage. (Click here to read the details.)
"I love how the JE Audio VL10.1 preamplifier sounds in my system. It’s one of the few products in recent memory that has thrilled me -- partly because of its great build quality, but mostly because of its incredible sound, which is quite unlike that of any other preamp I’ve heard. When it comes to the pleasure of listening to music, right now I’ll choose the VL10.1 over anything else." Doug Schneider of SoundStage. (Click the icon to read the full review.)


(Click the icon to read the full review.)

Patented Wideband Unity Balanced Amplifier (WUBA) design

6 x 6H30Pi

0.05%  (@ 2V/100k ohm load)

20dB (Measured when the volume control is bypassed)

+0, -3dB from 10Hz to 500kHz
(Measured when the volume control is bypassed)

85dB (Balanced input)

47k ohm (single-ended input)
94k ohm (balanced input)

1.2k ohm (Each phase)

Three sets of balanced input
Three sets of single-ended input

One set of balanced output
One set of single-ended output


H=150mm, W=445mm, D=395mm

14kg / 31pound                                                 
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