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JE Audio was found in Hong Kong on 2007 by John Lam. The company has a strong commitment to design and manufacture the finest quality audio electronics. Our dedication to lifelike reproduction of music has led to many technical innovations, awards and great reviews. We are proud to be different. We have our own idea about what is imperative and how things should be done. We are obsessive about details, and would go the extra mile to develop new audio amplifying topologies and to select the most suitable components for the applications.

JE Audio HP10 Phono Stage MM/MC Valved Phono Stage
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HP10 is a high performance stereo phono amplifier employing low noise solid-state semiconductor devices for signal amplification and a tube amplifier for output buffer. HP10 offers exceptional performance in terms of transparency, dynamic and extraordinary imaging capability at its price range.


The MC and MM input signals are handled by separate MC and MM phono amplifiers. They are independent amplifiers that have no common parts sharing between them. Therefore, this will ensure shortest signal path and no switch is used at the low level input signal.


Since MC and MM phono amplifiers are independent, each amplifier contains its own RIAA equalizer. We have chosen passive RIAA equalizer for HP10 because the elements of the equalizer have less coloration to the sound compared with active feedback RIAA equalizer.


A 6H30 tube buffer amplifier is used at the output. The 6H30 has very wide bandwidth, low distortion and low output impedance. It greatly enhances the sound of HP10 phono amplifier.


A stereo MM/MC phono amplifier with passive RIAA equalizer employing low noise semiconductors for signal amplification and a 6H30 tube output buffer amplifier.



One set for MM and one set for MC



One set of unbalanced and one set of balanced output



35, 40, 45dB for unbalanced output and additional 6dB for balanced output



1k, 22k, 47k, 68k, 100k Ohm



60, 65, 70dB for unbalanced output and additional 6dB for balanced output



10, 33, 100, 250, 500 Ohm                



20 – 20,000Hz, ±0.3dB (for MM and MC)



-12dB/octave, 20Hz






300 Ohm for unbalanced output

600 Ohm for balanced output



10k Ohm



70dB for MC, 85dB for MM






143 x 450 x 392mm (H x W x L)



11.6kg /25.6 pounds


HP10 was named one of the 2017 Stereo Times "Most Wanted Components."

"The JE Audio HP10 phono amp is what high-end audio is all about. It’s an innovative blend of solid-state circuitry that ensures signal clarity with the life-giving magic of tubes at the output stage. It’s wonderfully built, thoughtfully designed and fully adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges and analog systems." Dave Thomas  (Click here to read the details.)



"HP10 proved to be constant in potency of octave-to-octave rendition, without overblowing any specific frequency spectrum. That phenomena can be to quickly associated with phono preamplifiers regardless of the price.... HP10 have disappeared within its given operation (without subtle sound mechanics traits) and had let the music flow freely, without adding the very own signature to the guitar and flute and in absence of changing their core resonating frequencies. Quite a feat for this price range! .... HP10 also embraces the positive attributes of tubes and semiconductor to deliver low noise, highly musical performance with more then enough gestalt to captivate one into the prolonged and enjoyable listening." (Clickhere to read the full review.)



"The JE Audio HP10 does exactly what I had expected from my measurements: it takes itself almost completely out of the signal chain - the minimum emphasis on the fundamental and high frequencies can not be noticed even if you want to. On the other hand, what you can hear well is great dynamic bandwidth that can be achieved only with excellent signal-to-noise ratios. All amplifiers can reproduce loud signals, but HP10 can reproduce the very quiet signals as clean as almost never....Also louder tracks benefit from a wealth of information, not superimposing of background noise, which give our hearing an added value that is not there. The HP10 thus becomes the strictly neutral playback machine, which does not show any preferred frequency ranges, music genres or otherwise a one-way tendency." Translated from German. (Click here to read the full review.)



"The JE Audio HP10 phono amp is what high-end audio is all about. It’s an innovative blend of solid-state circuitry that ensures signal clarity with the life-giving magic of tubes at the output stage. It’s wonderfully built, thoughtfully designed and fully adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges and analog systems... Highly recommended." Dave Thomas of Stereo Times. (Clickhere to read the full review.)



"This was superb imaging and wonderful soundstaging, not something I had to listen hard for. The HP10’s imaging prowess rushed out toward me... All that digging deep into the cellular structure of the JE Audio HP10’s sound is just minutiae. All you really need to know is that the HP10 is a neutral-sounding phono stage with excellent bass extension and imaging, and just enough sweetness to endear itself. How cool is that?" Jason Thrope of Soundstage. (Click here to read the full review.)



"... JE Audio HP 10’s bass is superb, digging as deep as the recording demands. Its midrange is superb, sounding as if the combination of its solid-state input and a tube-output are working in harmony to produce a component that reproduces a midrange that sounds neither solid-state or tube-like. It simply sounds like music, and this trait is a big reason why when it comes to its midrange, it seems as if the HP10 is an inaudible piece of the analog-chain." Tom Lyle of Enjoythemusic. (Clickhere to read the full review.)


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