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Richie, (Head of online operations) takes a look at the very special Gold Note Valore 425 Plus Turntable, and also gives you a behind the scenes look at Gold note as a company...

Gold Note 425 Plus

" The Gold Note 425 Plus was always a turntable that intrigued me, it certainly looked the part, but it wasn't until I heard it that I realised just how good this turntable is. Accompanied with a relatively inexpensive Gold Note Vasari Gold (£318.00) it is simply superb. I am a GyroDec SE owner, and have spent quite a bit of money changing the arm, cartridge, power supply, bearing, isolation etc... so it would certainly be more expensive than the Gold Note 425 Plus. With that being said, this is one of very few turntables I would consider changing my GyroDec SE for. On paper, it would seem like a really stupid decision, but that is how good this Valore 425 Plus is. I am in no doubt at £1499.00 its the turntable I would buy, and the new Silver Leaf finish that they are releasing is really starting to tempt me. I don't think I could part with the Gyro Dec SE as it has sentimental value, but I am really considering the Valore 425 Plus as a second deck! "

"It makes this one of the best turntable packages I have come across under £2,000."




"The Gold Note  Valore 425 Plus turntable has a number of great features. Firstly it is very easy to set up, no fiddly suspension so once the cartridge is fitted its a five minute job to get going. Secondly it has electronic speed control as standard so playing your singles and half speed mastered records is just the press of a button away as well as giving you excellent speed stability. Thirdly it has a really excellent tonearm which will take a very high quality moving coil cartridge so you have a simple upgrade path. Finally the build, fit and finish of the whole package is absolutely first class as is the styling, typically Italian.


Sonically this was a real eye opener,  and while I was expecting a decent sound from the Gold Note, I have to say that this is simply one of the best turntables around at its £1500 price point. Detail is excellent and with cartridges from Gold Note from £177, they would be the natural partner. Soundstaging is very three dimensional and imagery is rock solid. There is very good bass extension and definition, and adding to the ease of use, simple set up and beautiful aesthetics of the Valore 425 Plus, it makes this one of the best turntable packages I have come across under £2,000.


I strongly recommend you to hear this turntable."


As a company...



"From an online perspective (which also carries over to in store purchases as well) what I expect from a brand that we sell is excellent after sales service. If a customer has a problem, technical query, product fault or anything regarding what they have just purchased, I want to be able to get that customer an answer or solution very quickly. That is one of the key philosophies that I implement when we consider brands, particularly online. Its one of the first questions I ask when we have a meeting about any potential new brand, and I generally always speak to the brand personally before we agree to sell the products. This is because I want to get a better idea of how they operate, and how quickly I feel things will be answered or resolved. The last thing I want from a brand is someone who takes days to reply to an email, that I can't speak directly to the right people, or it takes a long time or multiple attempts to get an answer regarding a technical question.


For me, that is going to create a poor customer experience, and that is exactly what I never want customers to experience from us online or in-store. In the exact same way I am happy to speak directly to customers, I want that same service from the brands we sell. From that side, Gold Note have been excellent. To date, we haven't had any major faulty products or any issues with any of their products. In terms of technical questions, I can speak directly to Maurizio (CEO of Gold Note) and he can answer any query I have.


The "vibe" I get from the company is they love what they do, and it is family originated, and that makes it a much easier experience for everyone. What all this does for me, is gives me no hesitation in recommending the products to any customer. If we stock the products, we naturally like the sound, build quality etc... as this is always going to be the first port of call with any new brand, but I tend to be more involved in discussions when it comes to after sales, and how the brand looks after customers. We have stepped away in the past from brands that don't offer a service we see fit for our customers.


With Gold Note there is no such issues, and a special mention too must be given to John from Audio Pinnacle (Gold Note UK Distributor) as he is absolutely fantastic, and generally leaves me without the need to contact the Gold Note factory directly. I have no hesitation recommending any Gold Note Product, and I am very confident in their after sales service."


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