Italy is renowned for it's passionate culture, definitive beauty, and unrivaled craftsmanship... all of which is encapsulated in every Spirit Torino product. 

What's so good 

about Spirit Torino?

The perks of this iconic brand
Every product is hand-assembled in Italy by the skilled craftsmen of Spirit Torino. Each driver is hand-assembled for that fully Italian touch. 

Certified by Lead Designer
Before any product is deemed complete, it is  personally tested by Lead Designer, Andrea Ricci. This ensure every model sounds exactly how it should.
Custom Made
Your headphones are custom made for you, to your individual needs and specifications including colors, materials and accessories. 
Highly Regarded by Pro's
Spirit Torino have firmly established themselves as the headphone choice for music professionals worldwide... Even used in EuroVision 2022!

What our customers

are saying

from forging furniture  

Originally created as an electronic furniture manufacturer, Spirit Torino's legendary journey had an expected start than most would expect. Specialising in creating pieces from mahogany and walnut, it's clear to see how their early techniques have inspired their current designs. 

Spirit Torino continued to the develop the brand by expanding into audio recording, working with some of the most lucrative orchestra's throughout Italy. From these, Andrea Ricci, the Lead Designer, further expanded his work by collaborating with various music associations.

To trailbazing titans  

With the rising growth of headphones, Andrea decided to reinterpret his talents in sound recording to sound re-production. Reimagining his designs to project highly detailed and accurate sound into hand-assembled drivers. 

The rest is history, with Spirit Torino going on to design some of the most influential headphones over the last decade. Apart from being a highly regarded headphone company, they were heavily featured in the 2022 EuroVision song contest, with the Mistrals & Super Leggara's stealing the show!

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