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Sonus Faber 

Trade IN Deal

Save up to £5000 when you trade in your old speakers against any new Sonus Faber

0% Finance Available

Not only can you get this fantastic trade in offer, but you can also benefit from 0% finance on any of these stunning loudspeakers allowing you to spread the cost. 

Built in Italy

With everything hand built in Arcugnano, Italy, the Sonus Faber truly builds on the Italian heritage of pure passion in everything they build. Even the Entry Level models are created in Italy, hand built by craftsmen to an exquisite standard. Finish and sonic excellence is all that will be accepted!


With your trade in you also will receive free shipping on your new speakers. We only use the respected couriers who offer full tracking information to make sure everything arrives safely.

Sonetto Series

The grid below will show you what you can receive off each model when you 

trade in your old speakers. This is a guaranteed trade in value, and 

your speakers can be any brand, any age and simply need 

to be in full working order to be eligible for the discount. 

Sonetto I

£300/trade in value

New Price: £1,149.00

Sonetto II

£400/trade in value

New Price: £1,498.00

Sonetto III

£675/trade in value

New Price: £2,675.00

Sonetto V

£850/trade in value

New Price: £3,450.00

Sonetto VIII

£1150/trade in value

New Price: £4,550.00

Olympica Nova I

£1200/trade in value

New Price: £4,750.00

Olympica Nova II

£1800/trade in value

New Price: £7,150.00

Nova III

£2400/trade in value

New Price: £9,500.00

Nova V

£3000/trade in value

New Price: £11,900.00

How it works? 

  • Contact us to enquire about the offer 

  • We can get a chat and discuss the various options,

     and offer any advice needed

    Demonstrations are of course available!

  • We will have your trade in collected at a time that suits you

  • We will then have your new speakers delivered right to your door

  • Alternatively you can pick them up from your nearest branch 


Fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss everything with you. There is absolutely no pressure, so even if you want to a have a quick chat or want to find out more about the speakers, please feel free to contact us and one of our team would be happy to help