Room Correction

Room Correction is often an underestimated aspect in HiFi & Home Cinema. There are huge improvements to be had by spending a little bit of time getting your room set up. Here is a quick guide to help out...

Room Acoustics can affect how your Hi Fi system and particularly the speakers in your system perform. 

Generally the issue with rooms is due to them being too reflective and underdamped.

If the room is sparsely furnished, with wooden floors for example then the sound from your system will generally be very bright. If you clap your hands in the room and it is a loud echo then generally you want to try and dampen down the room. Often it is worth moving around the room to see when the echo is most prominent as this will determine where you need the damping effect most. 

Here are a few things to consider...

Some things to consider...

There are a lot of things you can do. Firstly if the floor is wooden or tiled then put a large rug on the floor in front of the speakers. The thicker the better.  

If there are no curtains on the windows then again curtains will help to dampen down the room. If possible close them when listening to music. 

If the chairs and sofas are leather maybe hang a throw or rug over the back of them. In each case what you are doing is stopping reflection in the room. It is difficult to over dampen a room so the more you can stop the reflections the better the sound is generally.  If the walls are bare then you may be able to put up something on the walls which will stop reflection, even a painting can help but generally something absorbent. 

Some rooms are extremely problematic, particularly square rooms,  for example maybe there is a frequency where the rooms resonates or the bass booms and in these cases dampening the room may not be able to solve the problem. At this point you may need to get specialist wall panels or floor standing panels or even corner bass traps which should be able to help solve the problem. While these can be expensive if you have a high quality system and a problematic room there may be no alternative. You can also make some of these panels yourself although you will need to take advice online about how to go about this. 

There are some cases when the room can be so heavily furnished that the sound is a little dull and undynamic. This is rare but if you are experiencing this then all you can really do is remove some of the furnishing to try and fix the problem. 

It's always best to ask...

Like most things, if you are unsure about your exact room, and what may be causing the issues, we are always happy to  help. Even sending us some pictures of your room will allow us to gauge what may be worth trying or what might be causing the problem. With room correction, we always plan that expenditure is a last resort, as mentioned above, it can sometimes be the only option, but we do always try and find solutions for customers which wont cost them a penny! Please get in touch if you would like any help or advice on room correction...

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