But how do we really listen to it? 

Understanding Hi End Audio

To many, the thought of spending a lot of money on audio equipment is a bit bewildering, but for anyone who is a true music lover, it's a must! To truly experience your favourite songs, you have to have a system that will allow your music to be played back at the same quality as it was recorded in the studio! But how do you do that... well that is where Hi End HiFi comes in. Unfortunately it isn't just as simple as spending loads of money on any equipment and you are good to go, its a bit more specific than that! There are several factors to take into consideration. 

Your Musical Preference 

Music is a very personal thing, what soothes one persons soul, excites another. It is truly unique to each person, and that is what makes music very special. It is incredibly shocking how much of your music you can actually be missing out on, once you hear it through a Hi End system, you begin to notice everything you have never heard before, and suddenly you don't want to hear it any other way.

Building a system that relates directly to your favourite music is very achievable. Many people will have their own preference of music, some love classical, some rock, some pop etc... and that is what makes your "playlist" your own! But what is important is to build a system that best enhances your sound. For example in each genre of music, certain aspects will be important, weather that is heavy bass, detail, dynamics, 3d dimensionality etc...  

So building a system that suits your unique music collection is essential, but that doesn't mean that someone who enjoys a wide variety of music needs to consider several systems ( 1 for rock, 1 for classical etc...) There is a middle ground, that will enhance your music for the better, which is where your HiFi Dealer comes in ;)  Being able to "blend" a HiFi systems is something that comes with experience, and here at Kronos AV, that is one thing we are not short off!!

Make it live...

Nothing really beats the experience of a live performance, but it isn't as unrealistic as you might think. A truly good HiFi system can bring that "concert experience" to your living room, but offering a sound that fills the room, and offers a truly 3 dimensional sound. You can hear that the guitarist is 4 feet to the left of the vocalist, that the drummer is further back etc... 

Detail is also something that really comes through on a live performance. Hearing how hard the drummer is hitting the drum kit, when the vocalist takes a breathe, when the vocalist walks across the stage are all something that you notice at a live performance, but that is also achievable with a HiFi system, you can unmistakably make out everything that is happening on that stage. 

How do you achieve that? 

That's really where a HiFi dealer comes in...

Kronos AV have been in business for over 20 years, and throughout that time we have heard an enormous array of music and HiFi Equipment, from brands and artists across the globe. Creating that unique sound, specially for a customer is something that comes with experience, knowing what to add to a system to create a particular result. Its a little bit like a chef, the best chefs in the world can taste something, and know exactly what is missing, its the same principle with HiFi and your dealer.  

For someone starting out, or looking to upgrade, it can be daunting. There is an enormous amount of products and options available, and trying to discover what exactly you need is, to say the least challenging. If I buy a valve amplifier or solid state, what is the difference? If I add isolation to my system, what will that do? Cables... where do I even start?  etc...

Once you answer all these questions, then you have to try and decide which cables, what isolation products and what amplifier is best for you. Kronos AV makes this a lot easier for customers, which is why we have an array of options to contact us. We are happy to sit down and have a chat to answer questions, make recommendations and figure out exactly what you need. 

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