Headphone Cafe

This is the life...

Is there anything better than sitting back, relaxing with a hot beverage (or cold) and listening to your favourite tunes with a stunning pair of headphones? 

Well yes actually, you could be doing all this, while listening to a massive selection of headphones. That is where the Kronos AV Headphone Cafe comes in. Call in and sample of the worlds finest headphones, while enjoying a coffee in luxury seating! Bring your own music, or select it on our dedicated tablet, with an enormous music library. 

Tempted Yet? I thought so...

How does it work? 

At Kronos AV, we have racks filled with some of the finest headphones from around the globe, all of which are ready for demonstration. Call in, grab a coffee/tea/water (whIch are FREE!!), grab a set of headphones, sit back in one of our listenign areas (coffee tables or sofas) and start listening. We are always on hand if you have any questions, or want any advice. 

What is available? 

We try and cover most price ranges, and offer a variety of brands. We have selected several version of headphones, so you can sample, open back, closed back, bluetooth etc... to try and find a pair that suits your individual needs. We keep several finishes of most headphones, however we can always order them in, which we can ship to your front door, or you are always welcome to call back in to collect them. 

We also keep a range of headphone amplifiers and Digital audio products (DAC's etc...) , so you also have the option to sample those, and see the difference they make. 

Do I have to book a demo? 

No, you are more than welcome to call any time during our business opening hours. Sometimes it may be beneficial to give us a call to check if we have specific models available, if it is something specific you are after .

The Headphone Cafe is open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. Call in anytime, the coffee is always on ;)