Bringing the concert to your home

Bring the concert to your home!

This is really what Hi Fi and Home Cinema is all about trying to recreate a concert in your own home. 

While going to a concert can be a fantastic experience its often impossible to see certain artists and bands. Unfortunately many of the artists we love are dead or not touring anymore. However it can also be very disappointing, maybe the venue is not very good or the sound is terrible, certainly I have been to more poor concerts than great ones. 

However there is always the atmosphere and the feeling that concerts give you which is extremely difficult to reproduce on a Hi Fi or Home Cinema system. 

 So how do you recreate that emotion, feeling and atmosphere?

Well generally the better the system the better the listening experience. You do need to have a system which is capable of recreating the dynamics, the three dimensional soundstage, the subtleties and the nuances of a human voice or instrument. To achieve that feeling when you are so immersed in the music that time simply becomes irrelevant you need a system which is capable of making you believe the artist is in the room with you. 

That system has got to be able to allow you to hear every detail in the recording so that you can hear subtleties like the artist breathing or moving their lips, their fingers sliding on the guitar frets. 

You can tell how hard they are hitting a drum or a piano key, the dynamics are explosive , the drummer is six feet behind the vocalist, the bass guitarist is three feet to the left and two feel behind the singer. These are the sorts of things you need your Hi Fi or Home Cinema system to be able to reproduce, in order to make it feel like a real concert. 

Of course larger rooms and full range speakers also help however I have experienced some incredible listening experiences with smaller speakers in small rooms so its not a pre requisite. 

 How much is all this going to cost me? 

We are often asked this question and to be honest thats a very difficult question to answer because we all have different expectations and budgets. Its easy to say you have to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands but thats not the case while its also not the case that £500 will achieve all this.

 However the real secret is not really the budget but is putting together a system that works seamlessly together and that attention to every detail that even the cables and the mains products all allow the system to create that musical experience which allows you to listen to recorded music and believe that the artist is live in the room with you. 

So were do Kronos AV come in? 

It is our job as a dealer to try and put together systems that achieve the best sound possible for the budget. Of course a bigger budget helps but really all the components have to be able to work together or the system will simply not work. We like to think that our experience will help our customers to build systems which will allow them to enjoy their listening experience and to be transported from their living room to the concert every time they play their system.