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Audio Vector Open Day!! 

Our biggest open day yet! 

Audio vector is at KRONOS AV! 

we have some great options to listen too! 

We have 3 models of the Audio Vector range available, the SR1, SR3 and SR6 Loudspeakers. One of the unique features of Audio Vector is that each of these speakers can be upgraded, without any need to change your speakers. just simply send them back to Audio Vector, and they can upgrade them. (At a cost of course!) This means you never need to change your speakers, you save £££'s, and still get a upgrade on your system. Audio Vector also fully refurb the speakers when they are sent back for an upgrade FOC! 


Audio Vector speakers start from £1839 for the SR1, and go to £13,210 for the SR3 so there is a speaker to match all budgets on demonstation!

Value for money

Audio Vector Speakers are made built in Denmark, and offer exceptional value for money. Positive feedback across ALL Kronos AV Staff is high praise in itself!.

0% Finance

You are of course more than welcome to call down and have a demonstration purely for enjoyment, but if the speakers did  impress you, we have EXTENDED 0% Finance deals available during the event!! 

Audiovector SR1 



Audio Vector



Audiovector sr6 floorstanders


" The SR3 Signature are one of the best speakers I have heard under £5000. They are exceptionally neutral, with excellent bass extension for such a compact speaker. The mid range and top are open without being bright and are very 3 dimensional, even in difficult rooms. "

— Richard Allan - Kronos Branch Manager 

Take the voice coil challenge!

Discover what makes AudioVectors special from other speaker manufacturers, by taking the voice coil challenge. With this special unit send by Audiovector, can you tell tell the difference?  


Generously sent over by Audiovector, you can see first hand every element that goes into their stunning ribbon tweeter, and then hear what it can do on the sublime SR6 Avantgarde coupled with our reference demonstration system .

an overview of th sr1 super speakers

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