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Pro-Ject Stream Box RS Flagship Audiophile Streamer

Pro-Ject Stream Box RS Flagship Audiophile Streamer

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Stream Box RS

The Pro-Ject Stream Box RS is a high-specification music client that is designed to offer audiophile playback of your entire digital music library in a convenient and appealing way.

The Stream Box RS's audio circuitry benefits from using E88CC tubes for ultimate fidelity and components, that guarantee extremely low noise and distortion levels. Whether you want to play from an iPod, listen to internet radio, link with your NAS drive, or unlock the potential of your HD music stored on a hard drive, the Stream Box RS can help you.

The inclusion of a remote and a large high-visibility screen makes navigation and playback easy, while the multiple connectivity options mean the Stream Box RS is a worthy client for any high-fidelity application.

Available in Black or Silver casework.

'Box Control'

Box Control by Pro-Ject Audio is a brand new control application designed to streamline your entire listening experience. By using a purpose-built in software, which is pre-installed on all Stream Box RS streamers, Box Control can offer full-control of the entire Stream Box system - including navigating hard drives and playing Internet Radio.

All Box Design Streamers are now compatible with Spotify Connect for further information follow our quick start guide or visit
All Box Design Streamers are now compatible with Tidal. Complete control of the Tidal library is now built into the free Box Control app. Find out more at

Key Features
  • Audiophile grade 24bit/192hkHz highend audio streaming client
  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Meets UPnP & DLNA 1.0/1.5 standards
  • USB input for flash memory and hard disk drives
  • USB input for Apple devices using digital out
  • XLR output
  • Volume control via analogue Alps potentiometer
  • Fully balanced double mono triode tube output stage (ECC 6922)
  • 1x digital coax input & 1x digital optic input
  • First rate high end PCM 1792A DAC
  • Fast forward and return Search, Alphanumeric Search & 9 display languages
  • Wifi 802/b/g/n allows true 24/192 over Wifi
  • Superlative rigid luxury alu cabinet
  • Control via IR remote (included) or 'Box Control' application
Audio Formats: MP3
FLAC (Up To 24bit/192kHz Including 24/176)
LPCM (Up To 24bit/192kHz)
Ogg Vorbis 1.0
Internet Radio: vTuner Included
Inputs: Network, 1x Digital Coax, 1x Digital Optic,
2x USB 2.0 (24/96, Type A), Supports
Flash & Hard Disc Drives (FAT16&FAT32)
Outut:  XLR, RCA (Analogue) Coax S/PDIF (Digital) 
Output Level: Up To 8V RCA Or 16V XLR (Analog Sources)
Up To 2V RCA Or 4V XLR (Digital Sources)
S/N Ratio:  115dB @ 2V 
Network Links: W-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Power Supply: 20V DC/1A
Power Consumption:  17W Max HD-Drive Connected/ 0.3W Standby 
Face Plate: Black or Silver
Dimensions: 206 x 72 x 200mm (Without Antenna)
Weight: 3250g (Without PSU)
Pro-Ject Stream Box RS, Hi-Fi World, February 2014

Hi-Fi World, February 2014

Reviewed By: Jon myles
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
“the Pro-Ject discovered my NAS drive running Twonky within seconds and from then on remained rock-solid, never dropping the connection even when streaming hi-res 24/192 files.”
“The Pro-Ject has a tonal quality quite different from most other streamers – and it translates into a quite beguiling sound. Its overall quality is smooth, relaxed and rather warm with little evidence of any digital sharpness. But that doesn't mean it is soft or lacking in rhythmic ability – just that it doesn’t throw everything in your face as some other streamers do.”
“There was no lack of detail on offer, which the subtle guitar and electronic embellishments being well delineated while the under lying bass work was rock solid.” 
“Point the stream box towards some intimate jazz and it really comes into its element.”
“A higher resolution FLAC download of Empirical’s Eric Dolphy tribute album ‘Out ‘n’ In’ has terrific tempo, tone and timbre to it – the interplay between the vibraphone and sax extremely well portrayed. Like Dolphy’s own work, this collection has real warmth and passion but for real effectiveness it demands a player that can also render the various musicians’ timing effectively – and the Pro-Ject is more than up to the task.”
“The Pro-Ject Stream Box RS is a refreshingly different addition to the ranks of music streamers. It has a smooth, relaxed and thoroughly civilised sound without ever straying into the realms of blandness.”
“A refined and smooth performer that brings something different to the ranks of music streamers.”

Pro-Ject Stream Box RS, Hi-Fi Choice, November 2013

Hi-Fi Choice, November 2013

Reviewed By: Ed Selley
Sound Quality: 4 Stars
Value For Money: 4 Stars
Build Quality: 4.5 Stars
Features: 4.5 Stars
Overall Score: 4 Stars

Comments of Note:
“Give the Pro-Ject something well recorded, but fundamentally mellow like Ali Farke Toure and Ry Cooder’s Talking Timbuktu and the Pro-Ject is as smooth, unforced and relaxing as a cold pint of Guinness.”
“The plucked strings of Toure’s guitar have a full-bodied and surprisingly weighty tone to them that lends each listen a richness that is rather beguiling.”
“Switch to something more aggressive and the Stream Box maintains this unflappable smoothness.”
“The presentation with internet radio is consistently good and the Stream Box RS is very forgiving of low bit-rate stations.”
“The preamp functionality is also well implemented and extremely useful.”

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