Why Buy From Kronos AV?

We completely understand that there is always a question mark when purchasing online, particularly if it is somewhere you havent shopped before, so to give you peace of mind, here are a few good reasons to shop with us...

0% Finance

Free Shipping

30+ years in business

Expert Set up

100% positive feedback

Full After Sales Support

Awards & Recognition...

Two Years running - Retailer Awards

For two years running we have been nominated for the Retailer of the year awards. In 2018 we picked up the Highly Commended Award, with the 2019 winners still to be announced.

We hope this shows the high level of customer service & after sales support you can expect from everyone at Kronos AV

Dealer of the Year 2018

Kronos AV were awarded Dealer of the Year 2018 by Zepher Audio, who is the official UK distributor of Advance Acoustic, Advance Paris & JE Audio

The 2019 winner is yet to be announced... so fingers crossed!


Brand Recognition - Exclusivity

For many of our brands, they have given Kronos AV full exclusivity of their brand in our areas. A sign of the service we offer customers and the confidence these brands have in us...

Acoustic Signature - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

AudioPax - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & Sussex

Audiovector - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Advance Paris - Exclusive in Sussex & NI/Ireland

Bel Canto - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Boenicke - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Diapason - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Erzetich - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Funk Firm - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Gold Note - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Hana - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Heco - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Icon Audio - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Innuos - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

JE Audio - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Kiesiki - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & Sussex

Klipsch - Authorised and licensed Reference Dealer

Luxman - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Lyra - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

McIntosh - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & Sussex

Michell Engineering - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Moon - Exclusive in NI

Opera - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Origin Live - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Ortofon - Center of Excellence

Pathos - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Primare - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Primary Control - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & Sussex

Pro-Ject - Center of Excellence

Puresound - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Quad - Exclusive NI & Ireland

Roon - Exclusive in NI & Ireland

Serblin & Sons - Exclusive in NI, Ireladn and Sussex

SME - Center of Excellence

Soundsmith - Exclusive in NI, Ireland & West Sussex

Titan Audio - Center of Excellence

Unison Research - Exclusive in NI & Ireland



Family Owned & Run


From the outset, Kronos AV has been owned and run independently, and regardless of how far we have grown, we have kept a tight knit staff, meaning that our goal of providing the very best in audio equipment from brands across the globe to our customers has never changed. One of the key aspects of this is to make sure customers can get in touch with someone who can help, not getting passed from one department to another. It also means we get to know you, so you can ring us up, know our name and we can help right away. You have a dedicated member(s) of staff that you know and trust, so you can rest assured should you have any problems or questions, you have a direct contact who can help.



Fully Certified Experts


All of the Kronos AV have many years experience in the HiFi & Home Cinema industry. Staff must have a bare minimum of 5 years experience before they are authorised to deal directly with customers, and offer advice.  

Some of our staff personally have over 40 years experience in the industry, and we are hugely proud of our ability to advise customers in all aspects of HiFi & Home Cinema.

All Kronos AV staff are fully trained in every brand we stock, so can offer full support on any product, and customers can be advised through the entire process from initial enquiry through to sale & installation. Full after sales support is always provided.

Don't just take our word for it...

"This was a fabulous sounding room"

"One of my top rooms all in"

- Stu - HiFi Pig -

"Amazing service from the first day I walked through the door.

As life long customer with David, I can't recommend Kronos AV highly enough. Amazing service from the first day I walked through the door. It has been so good, I have never bought any hifi gear from any other dealer. A gem of a company."

- Pascal - Kronos AV Customer-


"A day at Kronos AV leaves me in no doubt that the reasons for arriving on the UK Mainland are far from opportunistic"

- ED Selley - HiFi Choice -



Most recently we attended the North West Audio Show in Cranage Hall, which had HiFi Pig present as the official media partner for the show. Kronos AV had a room exhibiting products from Audiovector, Gold Note & Titan Audio.


HiFi Pig were very impressed by our room set up, and the sound quality we were able to produce.


Check out the show report here for more: Click Here


Furthermore, we were featured in HiFi Choice magazine, who had nothing but strong praise for our systems in store, and our unique idea of having several systems on permanent demonstration at various price points, so customers can walk straight in and hear systems right away!