Serblin & Sons

Who are Serblin & Sons...

The recently introduced Serblin and Son range from Italy is most definitely not just another amplifier brand. Owned and run by Fabio Serblin, a nephew of the great Franco Serblin, the Serblin & Sons brand has heritage which makes it truly unique.

The Serblin name is pretty much Hi Fi Royalty, Franco Serblin being the man behind Sonus Faber loudspeakers. During his time at Sonus Faber, Franco asked his nephew Fabio to design an amplifier for Sonus Faber and the QUID amplifier was born, and very successful it was too.

Fabio worked for the company until 1991.

When Franco passed away in 2013 Fabio began working on a new amplifier range. The first model launched in 2019 under the name Serblin and Son, and is named Frankie in homage to the great Franco Serblin.













The Frankie Range...

Serblin and Son intend to produce both an integrated, an integrated amplifier with streaming capabilities and a pre & power amplifier in this very unique Frankie chassis and later a larger reference integrated amplifier named the Raptor.

The current Frankie is as unique in terms of sound quality as it is in looks. With beautiful aesthetics marrying Italian walnut with an aluminium top plate it is a stunning looking piece of equipment. The Frankie is totally hand made in Italy, in true Serblin fashion. With many design features which are reminiscent of Sonus Fabre Loudspeakers, the finish and attention to detail are unrivalled at its price. Simply things like designing the amplifier so that no screws are visible, is just one of the design traits you can see on this amplifier, but the Frankie offers so much more, and you can see the passion and love that has gone into its design.

As we all know, beauty is more than skin deep, and of course we all want to know about the sound. The Serblin & Sons offers a warm, natural and musical sound. Very easy to listen to, that brings your music to live. This is one of the most natural, enjoyable amplifiers we have come across, particularly at its price point.

"The Frankie is a real product, well refined, modern and simple at the same time"

- Fedelta Del Suono (Italian Magazine)


The Frankie Integrated features a fully adjustable MM/MC phono stage, which can be set for a wide range of cartridges.

It features a Pre Out, so a power amplifier can be added if required, but at 75w per channel, the Frankie can deal with most speakers on the market. The phono stage is exceptionally good, for being a built in phono stage, it delivers more than enough performance to justify not needing a separate unit.

One of the interesting features of the Frankie, is it does not come with a remote, however it does have remote control capabilities. The remote control is an app which can be used on your smart phone, and is exceptional!! Instant connection via Bluetooth, and very responsive, we truly love this feature.

The Frankie Plus is a streaming version of the standard Frankie Integrated. It retains all the same features, as the standard Frankie, but also incorporates the addition of a streaming module, which is all controlled via the unique Serblin & Sons App. The Frankie Plus works with all major streaming services. The Frankie Plus has another unique feature, as while it has the addition of a Streaming module, it doesn’t have any ore inputs. That is because the phono stage and the streaming module work off the same input. Intelligent engineering allows the Frankie Plus to automatically recognise if it is receiving a Phono signal, or a digital signal for streaming and automatically switches to whichever it is sensing. This means you dint have to change inputs, making the Frankie an easy and simple product to use in every sense of the word.

As mentioned above, Serblin and Sons will be releasing a Pre & Power amplifier in the same Frankie chassis later this year, and we hope to also see the reference Integrated Amplifier, the Raptor around June/July.

The Frankie

If you are interested in this stunning piece of Italian craftsmanship, please click the link below, which will give you the full specs list and all the information regarding this amplifier.

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