Lowther History - A True Legacy

The iconic lowther drivers are Synonymous in audio and there speakers are a bit special to 

Lowther 205


Introducing the Lowther 205F, our smallest horn that still packs a punch. Designed to work in smaller spaces but still reveal all the detail in your favourite music.

Powered by the DX55

With unrivalled clarity and precision, as part of our 5" driver range the DX55 faithfully reproduces every musical note and subtle nuance. Its efficiency and power handling can fill any space with vibrant sound with very little power.

A Voigt Horn

This exceptional but small speaker harnesses the timeless benefits of our legendary Voigt horn design. Immerse yourself in your music as the Voigt horn enhances efficiency, extends low-frequency response, and delivers exceptional clarity.

Experience the captivating synergy between the DX55 and the horn, resulting in a rich and immersive sonic experience that surpasses expectations.

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A Brand You Can Trust

A Brand You Can Trust

90 years of passion, perfectionism and pure audio goes into each of our horn-loaded speakers

In 1934 Paul Voigt released the Domestic Corner Horn, a horn-loaded speaker that would go on to shape audio-experiences for generations to come.

Since that very first day, almost 90 years ago, we’ve developed countless speaker cabinets, created a community of passionate audiophile DIYers, and paved the way for speaker companies around the world.

You’ll find Lowther’s signature horn-loaded speakers at home in Canada, China, Germany, the United States and countless other exotic locations across the globe, as well as in our own home, the United Kingdom.

The history of our iconic speakers has built the foundation, and now we’re turning the page to the next chapter. 

From the 1930s to the 2020s a lot’s changed. But our pursuit of perfection hasn’t.

Every audiophile is in pursuit of perfect sound quality. That’s why we’re perfectionists. Because we know that ‘good enough’ just doesn’t cut it.

A lot’s changed over the last 90 years. We’ve seen people walk on the moon, witnessed a technological boom and even endured a global pandemic. But we’re still here, still perfectionists and still crafting the future of sound.

The horn-loaded speaker that changed everything

Lowther’s history really begins back in 1934, when Paul Voigt designed and released the Domestic Corner Horn, a pivotal moment in the history of British speakers. Voigt’s horn-loaded speaker changed sound reproduction forever, as a new standard of quality was reached. The bar was set.

In this same year, Paul Voigt met O.P. Lowther. This would be the start of a friendship that would leave its mark on the audio industry’s history forever.