Stores are closed? 

NO Problem

Virtual Meetings

With the world being such a difference place over the last 12 months, we here at Kronos AV want to bring some normality, at least as much as possible. 

As much as we would love to have you in store with us to appreciate great music, unfortunately it just isn't an opinion. But what is an opinion is our online based Virtual Meetings!

Virtual Meetings is an online communication session hosted by Zoom to speak with you about a potential order, or to offer advice on what next steps you can take to improve your current setup.

We not only get to relive some of the great interactions we may have already had with you, but we can also get to know more about you and your system.

stay safe

By working online both you and our employees can stay safe while still providing an excellent and tailored service.

Show off your system

Help us make the right call for you. Making use of video communication, let us see your system so we can offer advice as if we were there.

Bring back Normal

Help bring back that classic feel by actually talking and seeing us virtually, to help all of us feel that little bit normal again.

Great service from the comfort

of your own home!

Here what other customers had to say:

"I admit I am a little old school, so I prefer that face to face interaction. Under normal circumstances I would go in store, but due to COVID I couldn't. While I was sceptical of an online "Face to Face" interaction, it was BRILLIANT! I was able to show Richard my system as we discussed my upgrade, so we discussed exactly what I needed based on my room. Why haven't we been doing this sooner?"



Elizabeth Gilbert


Susan Sontag