Individual Upgrade Concept



Upgrade your current Audiovector speakers to the latest range, or upgrade to the next model up, at a fraction of the cost!


A Unique Concept...

Audiovector's Individual upgrade scheme is an industry first, and offers customers the opportunity to upgrade their system over time. Your current Audiovector's are sent back to Audiovector's factory in Copenhagen, Denmark where they are stripped, polished, inspected and then the upgrades are carried out. More on this below...

What can be upgraded?

There are two upgrade options: 

Current Models

If you own a current model (R Series) you can upgrade from the signature to the Avantgarde or Arette, or from the Avantgarde to the Arette.

Older Models 

If you own either the older Si or SR models, these can also be upgraded to the new R Series range in either the Signature, Avantgarde or Arette preference. 

How it works?



The speakers are fully dismantled, with only the raw cabinet remaining. 


The cabinets are then fully cleaned and polished. The cabinets can be repainted to the customers requirements upon request (additional fees apply)


The speakers are then rebuilt. This includes new dampening materials, drivers, cross overs, baffles, plinths etc... to the new specification


Like all new Audiovector speakers, the speakers then undergo rigorous testing to make sure they meet Audiovector's exacting standards.

Packed and Shipped

The speakers then receive brand new packaging and are shipped back to you. The new speakers also come with a brand new warranty. 

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