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One of a kind, and truly special, the Audiovector R3 Arette - Porsche Edition are a unique creation by Danish audio manufacturer Audiovector. Finished in a stunning Porsche Tobacco Brown, with Matte Gold spine, base & front baffle.

One of a kind...

This is labelled serial number: 1/1 and is the only one ever created, and comes as part of an exclusive collaboration between Kronos AV & Audiovector.

Custom Porsche Tobacco Brown Cabinets

Custom Matt Gold Front Baffle, base and spine

Includes Audiovector's renown Freedom Grounding Cable

One of a kind edition, offering unique exclusivity

Painted and finished by a classic Porsche specialist for a true authentic feel

Completely built and assembled in Copenhagen, Denmark

Special Design

This colour combination was chosen based on the iconic 1980 Porsche 911 turbo, with the original Porsche Tobacco Brown finish being chosen due to its historical nature, and relation to the German car giants. The 1980 Porsche 911 Turbo is an icon in automotive history and perceived by many as one of the finest cars ever created.

Approved by Audiovector CEO, Mads Kliffoth

These special edition speakers were not only tested by the normal exceptional quality control standards of Audiovector, but these got the seal of approval from the CEO directly. This particular pair were played in Audiovector's own demo room and listened to by CEO Mads Kliffoth. Just another personal touch which makes this pair that extra bit special!

Completely Hand Built in Denmark

This pair of Audiovector's have been completely hand built in Copenhagen, Denmark to the absolute exacting standards of Audiovector. Built, tested, checked and approved, they were then shipped over to Kronos AV.


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